Earth Sciences
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Honours students 2016:

​Name​Working title​SU SupervisorType
BAGLEY, AF​​Geochemical Comparisons Between Suites of Igneous Enclaves in Central Victorian Granitic Rocks: Was There a Common Source?​JD Clemens​Hons
​BEYERS, MA​The evaluation of newly descovered vertebrate track site in the Elliot Formation (Karoo Supergroup) Lesotho : implication for the macro vertebrate bio-stratigraphic framework and temporal placement.​R Tucker​Hons
​BLIGNAUT, J​Analysis of the geochemical characteristics of the groundwater and artesian aquifers of the Klein Karoo Rural Water Supply Scheme​AN Roychoudhury​​Hons
​BOOYSEN, MA​Distribution, petrography and geochemistry of Archaean plagioclase-megacrystic dykes across the Kaapvaal Craton​M Klausen​​Hons
​BUCHANAN, JA​Modeling of partial melting in Mount Stafford, Central Australia​I Buick​Hons
​CISNEROS LAZARO, DG​Mineralogical and textural variation in gneisses of the Kakamas Domain, southern Namibia​J Miller​Hons
​COCKBURN, CR​Different gold mineralization types and associated host lithology’s within the KweKwe region, Zimbabwe​B v d Heyden​Hons
​DORFLING, JA​Petrology of the landslides along the Kaaimans River Pass​R Heyn​Hons
​GLOYN-JONES, JN​Geology of the Donkerhuk Granite, Namibia.​A Kisters​Hons
​HENRY, SL​Geology of the Donkerhuk Granite, Namibia.​A Kisters​Hons
​KOLWANE, BMR​Mineral and geochemical characteristics of the hydrothermal alteration within feldspar in the Neoproterozoic Riviera Pluton, Cape Granite Suite Western Cape South Africa​R Heyn​Hons
​KRUGER, E​Field relationships, petrography and geochemistry of Jozini rhyolites along the Olifants River and the Mwenezi Igneous Complex​M Klausen​Hons
​LAZARUS, LR​Urban river pollution​​AN Roychoudhury/ S Fietz
​LOUW, P​Modelling Contact Metamorphism in the North-Eastern Rustenberg Layered Suite​​I Buick​Hons
​MOLIFIE, A​Mineralogical and textural characterisation of UG2 ore with implications for mineral benefication​J Miller​Hons
​NKABINDE, WNN​Investigation of the impacts of Spontaneous Combustion on yields & coal qualities. Kleinkopje Colliery, Witbank.​B v d Heyden / J Miller​Hons
​PYPER,  J​Geometry and internal structure of the Saldanha-Postberg quartz porphyry​M Klausen / A Kisters​Hons
​STEMMET, WC​Field relationships, petrography and geochemistry of gabbroic layered intrusions within the Mwenezi Igneous Complex​M Klausen​Hons
​SYMONS, RCR​Elucidating the geobiological and temporal context for a newly discovered Tyrannosaurus (Dinosauria Coelurosauria) in the Late Cretaceous sediments of New Mexico, Western North America​R Tucker​Hons
​TEEK, ST​Using Sr isotopes to trace the role of bedrock geology on groundwater compositions along the west coast of southern AfricaJ Miller​Hons
​UKENA, CL​The mineralogical and geochemical variation in the Upper Ore Body and the controls in the formation of the Swartberg ore deposit​B v d Heyden​Hons
​VAN ROOYEN, JD​ Use of tritium isotopes to determine the presence and extent of modern groundwater along the west coast of southern AfricaJ Miller​Hons
​VAN ZYL, MMineralogical, Geochemical variation in the Lower Orebody and controls in the formation of the Swartberh ore deposit.​B v d Heyden​Hons
​VILJOEN, JJ​Setup of phytoplankton pigment analysis and phytoplankton group composition in the Southern Ocean​S Fietz ​Hons
​VILJOEN, A​Evolution of iron mineralization at Sishen​J Miller / B v d Heyden​Hons
ZEEMANN, AS​Sedimentological facies analysis of the Verlorenvlei catchmentR TuckerHons