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 Honours thesis projects 2017

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(Stefan Dunn)

​NameSU SupervisorWorking titleType

P Louw

​​​I BuickThe development of  unusual “metapelitic"  hornfelses from the Penge formation in the contact aureole of the Rustenburg Layered Suite, South Africa.​Hons
KS Ramodike​​​​I BuickThermodynamic  modelling  of the P-T evolution of  a high-pressure metabasite from the  Aravalli-Delhi  Orogenic  Belt, NW India​Hons
M Labuschagne​S Fietz Aerosol pollution levels and distribution within the Western Cape​​Hons
​MP PresteleS Fietz ​Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the St. Lucia peat ​​Hons
G Rezelman​S Fietz Topographical and seasonal variation of geochemical parameters in the Kuilsriver and Steenbras River​Hons
C MoutonR HeynThe classification of coloured gemstones by mirco-CT scanning​Hons
​CE Naude​A KistersGeology of the Western Cape​Hons
JL StanfordA KistersGeology of the Western Cape​Hons
​B Grobbelaar​M KlausenCreating digitized maps of dyke swarms of the Eastern Kaapvaal Craton differentiated by orientation and bulk-rock geochemistry using Google Earth and ArcGIS​Hons
GB Stroebel​M KlausenDistribution, petrography and geochemistry of the 2.7-2.66 Ga White Mfolozi dyke swarm, SE Kaapvaal​Hons
YN Agyare-Dwomoh​J MillerCharacterising tritium activities in precipitation across southern Africa​Hons
ZM Harilall​J MillerCharacterisation of 36Cl concentrations in precipitation across South Africa​Hons
KC Kamanzi​J MillerIdentifying host minerals to short lived radionuclides in mining dust
U Mahomed​J MillerCharacterisation of particulate matter in mining dust and its potential for radionuclide generation​Hons
RAW Walker​J MillerAcidification of groundwater around the Spektakel copper mine and implications for salt and trace metal mobility​Hons
​AF HughesAN Roychoudhury​The distribution of mercury in the southern oceans​Hons
DAK LearAN RoychoudhuryRare Earth Element profiling in the Southern Ocean and its impact on global ocean circulation​Hons
​Z Pienaar​AN Roychoudhury​Carbon isotopes in the Southern Ocean​Hons
​AA FitchatG Stevens​Investigating Andesite dykes that occur on the eastern margin of the Barberton Greenstone Belt and to seek an understanding of the petrogenesis of the andesitic rocks​Hons
C Wells​G StevensThe textures of the volcanic rocks in the Saldahna Complex​Hons
E Hilmer​​R TuckerGeochemically resolving enigmatic phylogenetic and stratigraphic relationships among basal Aves (Dinosauria, Theropoda) from the Cretaceous of China and Mongolia​Hons
​CJ Pollock​​R TuckerComparative taphonomy; Utilization of forensic palaeontology to reconstruct an evolving coastal margin, West Coast Fossil Park, Langebaan, South Africa​Hons
JG Steytler​R TuckerReinvestigating the depositional environments of the West Coast Fossil Park, Langebaan , South Africa​Hons
​SC DunnB von der HeydenThe regional geology and genesis of the Amani Placer Gold Deposit in the Upangwa terrane of the paleoproterozoic Ubendian Belt, southwestern Tanzania​Hons
​DK HattinghB von der HeydenThe analysis of drilling and geophysical exploration data to assess the geo-economic potential of an oil and gas reserve off the East Coast of South Africa​Hons
​PA Leach​B von der Heyden​Factors controlling diamond formation between two adjacent mines in Botswana.​Hons
​AM O'DonnellB von der HeydenDetermining the speciation and extent of acid production of organic sulphur in the coal mining environment​Hons