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class 2018 (photo credit: Jonathan Dutton, 2018)

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(photo credit: Stefan Dunn, Honours 2017)

Honours students & thesis topics 2018: 

AubinAlexGroundwater in the Klein Drakenstein mountains
BurgerAlbertFeasibility of using geotextile dewatering tubes as permeable reactive barriers for acid mine drainage remediation.
De JonghTaraAnthropogenic emissions in the Southern Ocean 
DuttonJonathanChanging groundwater levels in the Western Cape as a result of drought
Metal load along Western Cape's coasts
HusselmannDeoneGIS mapping of heuweltjies along the west coast. 
JosephCamStructural Controls on Gold Mineralization within the Sheba Mine, Barberton Greenstone Belt.
LinesHarryOoology of recently discoved fossil eggs and egg shells, southeast France
LordMichaelRadiometric age dating of fossil egg nests in Southeast France
MacdonaldFionaThe Petrology of Andalusite and Staurolite Schists from the Kakamas Terrane in Namaqualand
MakhathiniLindoThe geochemistry of spatially/structurally constrained anomalous black quartz veins associated with gold mineralisation in Barberton. 
MalapelaNellyThe metamorphic history of garnet-bearing metasediments which occur as xenoliths in trondhjemite plutons to the south of the Barberton green stone belt. 
MararaPhophiPetrology and genesis of magma clasts in the Saldanha ignimbrites and their relationships to the ignimbrite magmas.
Mc EwanDylanChanging groundwater levels in the Western Cape as a result of drought​.
McleodDylanNutrient retention in Western Cape streams
MleniSamkelePetrological study of the Picrites of the Letaba Basalt Formation along the Mwenezi Monocline, South Africa. 
ParkiesNalediComparing trace concentration in biogenic and non-biogenic pyrite in the Turk Gold mine in Zimbabwe.
AyandaSeasonal variation of N2O
SchultzTanishaGold solubility in a Tonalitic melt
StavrevaRayaPaleoreconstruction of metals in sediments of Lake Baikal (Siberia)
TurnerBrittGroundwater mapping using isotopes


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