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Cl​​​ass 2022

​Project Title 
​Geology and electromagnetic signatures of the SkyTEM1 prospect, Okiep Copper District, Namaqualand - distinguishing mineralization from regional structure.  ​​​
​Mercury speciation analysis and method development at Cape Point​
​​van Niekerk
​Jesse Benjamin​
​Geological Survey of the Jakobsdal Farm, Nortnern Cape ​
​​Mapping and U-Pb zircon dating of Cape St Martin's quartz porphyry dykes
​Angela Ruth
Characterizing Seasonal Water Sources of the Verlorenvlei Estuarine Lake Using Stable Isotopes ​
Ethan Eric​​Structural geology and controls of charnockitization in gneisses of the Okiep Copper District, Namaqualand - a case history
​A call to action air quality monitoring in Stellenbosch: Potential for low - cost sensor for air quality research 
​An introductory fluid inclusion study focusing on the hydrothermal mineralization history of the Millwood Goldfields 
Yamke;a Aluluto​​Evaluation of vibrational characteristics of manganese in sph​alerite using raman spectroscopy
Jeremia Tshepho​​The geology of Cape Columbine 
​Trace metal characterization of ship stack emissions, their solubility and effects on Southern Ocean fertilization in comparison to natural aerosol emissions
​van Eeden 
​Emplacement controls of basic sills into the lower crust - a case history of basic bodies in the Okiep Copper District, Namaqualand 
​Origins and relative timing of structural lineaments in the Okiep Copper District
​A geological study of Trekoskraal's ignimbrite contacts and deformation 
​Impact of Zn Nannochloropsis sp 
​Van Zyl
​Obtaining the representative bulk composition of a pegmatite 
​Kira Anne 
​Evaluating various forms of pesticide application data and how they correlate with pesticides that are detected in surfaces waters of the Western Cape
​​Geology, timing and significance of the Kliphewel Group in the Pan-African Saldania belt 

The honours year is a modular based educational experience that covers a broad array of dedicated geoscience skills and topics. Each module is presented using a combination of educational approaches and paradigms and modes of delivery include formal lectures, blended learning, and hands-on practical exposures. In addition to the diversity of experiences, highlights from the year-long course include a two week field school and mine tour, and the research thesis in which Honour's students apply their knowledge and skills towards answering outstanding scientific research questions. For more information on the contents please check here.​  ​

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