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PhD candidates



Name​Working title​SU SupervisorType/​Funding
​​BAM, LUNGA​Use of X-ray computed tomography for the mineralogical and textural characterisation and analysis of high density iron ores with implications for mineral processingJ Miller​PhD
CHISAMBI, JOSHUA​Gold mineralisation in the Kirk Range ​B von der Heyden​PhD
​COUZINIE, SIMONMelting of late orogenic lithospheres, a petrological and experimental approachG Stevens​PhD
​GROBBELAAR, MARELIZE​Melt compositions that result from interaction between kimberlitic magma and eclogitic xenoliths in the upper mantleG Stevens​PhD
​GONZAGA DE MELO, MARILANE​The petrogenesis of the Carlos Chagas batholith, BarzilG Stevens​PhD
​KITT, SHAWN-LESLEY​Geology and mineralization of the Omitiomire copper deposits, Damara Belt, Namibia  ​A Kisters​PhD
​MADLAKANA, NONKUSELO​An investigation of the details of the process of crustal anatexis via the compositions and textures of melt and mineral inclusions within peritectic garnet​​G Stevens​PhD
​MAYNE, MATTHEW​An investigation of partial melting and magma minglingin the Dalradian Series of Eastern Scotland. Including development of new software tools for phase equilibria modellingof open systems​​G Stevens​PhD
​MULIDZI, AZWIMBAVHI​Effects of irrigation with winery wastewater on chemical status in four different soils 

​C Clarke /

AN Roychoudhury

​NARDUZZI, FRANCESCO​Geochronology and isotopic characterisation of LCT pegmatites from the Orange River Pegmatite ProvinceG Stevens​PhD
​SMART, SANDI​Reconstructing glacial/interglacial changes in surface nutrient conditions in the Subantarctic Zone south of Africa based on the stable isotope ratios of foraminifera-bound nitrogen  AN Roychoudhury​PhD
​VEZINET, ADRIEN​Differentiation and stabilization of the Archean continental crust​​G Stevens​PhD
​WATSON, ANDREW​Geochemical and isotopic tracing of salinity to model the interaction between surface water and ground water in water stressed regions along the West Coast of southern Africa.J Miller​PhD