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​​​​PhD candidates

​PhD candidates & thesis titles 2020:

The development of a universal model for the petrogenesis of Palaeozoic and younger calcalkaline I-type granites​G Stevens​, M Mayne
​A Critical ​link between the chemical speciation and molecular-level chemistry of “invisible” Au bearing pyrite and its fundamental response to flotation reagents​​
​B von der Heyden
Sulphur metasomatism of the mantle​G Stevens
Sedime​ntology and Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Moreno Hill Formation, New Mexico​​
R Tucker​​
CHISAMBI, JOSHUA​Gold mineralisation in the Kirk Range ​B von der Heyden
​CLOETE, RYAN​Controls on the uptake mechanisms of bio-active trace metals (Cu and Zn) in Southern Ocean phytoplankton assemblages​AN Roychoudhury
Gold mineralization in the greater Amani Region, southwestern Tanzania​B von der Heyden​​
Southern African aerosol trace metal concentration and dissolution kinetics characteristics  ​S Fietz​
​LOOCK, JEAN​The geochemistry and geomorphology of marine particles in the Southern Ocean​AN Roychoudhury
​MADLAKANA, NONKUSELO​An investigation of the details of the process of crustal anatexis via the compositions and textures of melt and mineral inclusions within peritectic garnet​​​G Stevens
​MORITZ, MUEHLBERGThe assembly, metamorphic and deformation history of the Stolzburg pluton and surrounding rocks​​​​G Stevens
​Carbon Solubility pump: pCO2 variability and potential for oceanic acidification below southern Africa
​AN Roychoudhury
OTTO, TAHNEEAn experimental investigation of the petrogenesis of chromite within the Rustenberg Layered Suite of the Bushveld Complex  ​G Stevens
SINGH, ASMITAUnderstanding Southern Ocean-specific phytoplankton ecophysiological response to iron availability  ​S Fietz
​Isotopic and elemental ratios to assess the contribution of rock salt to saline groundwater
J Miller​​
​VAN HORSTEN, NATASHA​Seasonal characterization of Fe-binding ligands and physical speciation of Fe in the Southern Ocean (Atlantic sector)​​AN Roychoudhury
​Understanding the spatial and temporal variation of tritium in precipitation and groundwater to assess the vulnerability of groundwater to depletion and deterioration in South Africa​​
J Miller​​
​Drivers of interannual and seasonal variability of Southern Ocean phytoplankton distribution and adaptation​
S Fietz 

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