Earth Sciences
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Course structure

B.Sc. (3 years)

Our BSc programme consists of two streams: Applied Earth Science and Geo-environmental Science. The programme structure is similar for both streams. It is a combination of compulsory and elective modules. In the first year both streams will require you to take a number of compulsory modules, such as Earth Science Field Skills and Geo-environmental Science, and a number of electives, such as Mathematics and Physics. In second year, both streams share a number of classes, such as Environmental Geochemistry and Geology, but differ in the electives. In third year both streams still share several geology and GIT classes, but while the Applied Geology students take additional advanced geology classes, such as Metamorphic Petrology, the Geo-environmental students continue with advanced Environmental Geochemistry and add Hydrogeology, for example.  

The modules that the students must take within the BSc programme in Earth Sciences and each stream can be found in the University's calendar

Find out more about each module in section: Subject Contents.

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