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Are you interested ? Check in the 'Student​'​            Honours class learning Geostatistics with  
section what it is about & how to apply                 Dr Matt Mullins. Read more...​                                               
SU Earth Sciences Open Day for High school learners in Jan/Feb 2019: to receive an invite please send your e-mail address to ​

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 Rese​arch field work at Baringhup pluton..​             ​Core loggi​ng practical exercises in 3rd year in
                                                                                                combination with a flow sheet excercise for                                                                                                                  minerals processing / geometallurgy
Tony Haus​ Children's Foundation as well as Rhenish Primary 
school visited the department ...

Don't miss the video our honours students made about their year and the honours tour:

 Earth Sciences

​Events & Notices:

Wednesday seminar
26. Sept 2018​ 13.00-14.00
Room 1004
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Thursday defence

​27. Sept 2018​ 16.00-17.00​  room 2004

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Re​cent publications

Characterization of Xenotime From Datas (Brazil) as a Potential Reference Material for In Situ U-Pb Geochronology
AD Vasconcelos, GO Gonçalves, C Lana, IS Buick, SL Kamo, F Corfu, R. Scholz, A Alkmim, G Queiroga, H A Nalini Jr Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19​
Figure 2 from this publication
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Geochemistry of Al and Fe in freshwater and coastal water colloids from the west coast of Southern Africa 
BP von der Heyden, MG Frith, S Bernasek, TTylizszak, AN  Roychoudhury, SCB Myneni
GCA 241


​Fig. 1. Sample locations of fluvial and marine particles evaluated
in this study....


2017 publication list​​