Graduated & former students




 MSc students

KRUGER, TOLENE​Controls of melt migration and emplacement around the Ida Dome, Damara Belt, and its bearing on uranium mineralizationA Kisters​MSc




PhD students

    Bulk geochemical, biomarker and compound specific isotope records of palaeoenvironmental controls on peat forming processes in Mfabeni peatlands, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa since the late Pleistocene

    Mechanisms of melt migration and emplacement in the Damara Belt, Namibia - field based case studies and theoretical considerations. 

    Geology, fluid flow and gold mineralization in the Kibaran-age Karagwe-Ankolean and Bukoban of western Tanzania 

    Geometallurgy of the Namakwa Sands Deposit 


MSc students 

  • ANGOMBE, MOSES: Lithological and structural evolution of the Eureka shear zone and its relationship to the Pofadder-Marshall Rocks shear zone

  • DUNFORD, ALEXANDER: Salt and trace metal accumulation in the Buffels River as a result of modified flow conditions due to installation of an artificial membrane

  • ENGELBRECHT, CORNé: Hydrogeochemical characterization of groundwater and assessment of hydrological processes using environmental tracers in the Mokolo cathment, Limpopo. 

  • INDONGO, JASON: Structural and metamorphic characterisation of the Southern Namaqua Front and Sperrlingsputs shear zones

  • ISAACS, CLINT: Assembly history of the Darling batholith-conjectures on the evolution of sources and structural controls of granite emplacement 

  • MADLAKANA, NONKUSELO: Ca-rich inclusions in peritectic garnet from the SMZ of the Limpopo Belt

  • MAYNE, MATHEW: An investigation of the processes that control differentiation of the crust using new in-house software

  • MCCALL, MICHAEL-JOHN: Mineralogical and textural characterisation of the UG2 from the eastern and western Bushveld Complex with implications for minerals processing.

  • PIETERSE, LEAHN: Crustal development of the concealed crystalline basement below the Karoo Supergroup in the southeastern, southern and southwestern sectors of the Kaapvaal Craton

  • SMITH, HENDRIK: Structural evolution of the Lower Fish River - Onseepkans Thrust

  • SWANA, KELLEY: Hydrochemical fingerprinting of shallow groundwate in the Karoo Basin, and what it tells about about the composition and residence time of deeper Karoo groundwaters

  • VAN HORSTEN, NATASHA: Photosynthetic response of Southern Ocean phytoplankton under Fe and light limitations: Bioassay

  • ZARREBINI, SARA: An experimental study of the digestion of entrained peritectic crystals by I-type granite


Honours students

    Emplacement and internal structure of the Donkerhuk batholith, Namibia

    The distribution and controls of bio-active trace metals (Cu, Zn) in the Southern Ocean

    Petrogenesis and  magmatic evolution of three (linked?) outcrops of intrusive complexes along the north-eastern margin of the Late Archean Skjoldungen Alkaline Province (SE Greenland).

  • HUMAN:
    Wall rock characteristics and associated exo-skarn related mineralization of the Neoproterozoic Riviera Pluton, Cape Granite Suite Western Cape South Africa.

  • JONK:
    Palao environmental  and lithostratigraphic reconstruction at the Elandsfontein Farm, Langebaan,

  • JOONE:
    Controls of gold in the Calcsilicate layers of the Navachab gold mine in the Sout Central Zone of the Damara belt, Namibia.

    Determining the trace metal composition of river sediments from Namibia using sequential extraction

  • LOOCK:
    The Distribution and Controls of Bio-active trace metals (Co/Cd) in the Southern Ocean

    Onshore distribution, magma compositions and petrogenesis of potential Tertiary mafic dykes along the rifted margin of southern SE Greenland

  • MAREE:
    P-T conditions of Barrovian metamorphism in the West Coast Belt, South Africa.

    The Geology of the Ai Ais Suite, Namibia

    Modelling and Predicting Changes of Aquifer Chemistry Due to Artificial Recharge in Groenwaterspruit, Kolomela Mine

    Nutrient availability for primary production in the Southern Ocean

    Geology of the Otjimbingwe Syenite Complex and its structural relationship with respect to the Donkerhoek granites

    Magnesium isotopes in groundwater in the Naukluft region of Namibia and Buffelsriver, Northern Cape.

  • PRIOR:
    A detailed mineralogical and textural analysis of low density Iron ores with implications for mineral processing

    Providing palaeoenvironmental context for newly discovered floral assemblages along the confluence of the Olifants River, within Kruger National Park.​

    Salinization of Groundwater in the Berg River Catchment, Western Cape.

  • SCOTT:
    The impact of dust additions on phytoplankton photophysiology of the Southern Ocean

    Mapping of the Ai Ais terrane, southern Namibia

  • STUCK:
    Petrographic and pseudosection analysis of Barrovian-style metamorphism in the Danba Domal

    The distribution and abundance of hydroxylated GDGTs and their use as a paleo-environmental proxy in the Southern Ocean

    The petrographic and geochemical interaction between eclogite xenoliths and kimberlite magma, a case study from the Jagersfontein kimberlite.

    Re-evaluation of vertebrate tracks in the Elliot and Clarens Formations (Karoo Supergroup), Lesotho: implications for the biostratigraphic framework and faunal turnover in the Late Triassic to Early Jurassic.

  • WAHL:
    Petrogenic study of ‘picrites’ from the Letaba River Basalt Formation (Karoo Igneous Province) using magma geochemistry and melt inclusions.

  • WATT:
    An investigation into the emplacement style and internal structures of the Donkerhuk Granite Batholith, Namibia