Information for current postgraduate students​​

Undergraduate Mentor and Tutor Program

The undergraduate mentor and tutor program is overseen by the Earth Science Society Executive Committee (ESSEC) and conducted by a group of passionate postgraduate volunteers.
These tutors make themselves available for both group organized and private extra classes throughout the semester. The classes are for any Earth Sciences subject that the tutor feels comfortable with. Additionally, guidance is offered in other fields by mentors, such as scientific writing or presentation skills. 
Interested students can contact a member of the mentor and tutor program to arrange sessions. All one-on-one tutor sessions are conducted on request, and mutually-agreed fees for these individual sessions are paid to the specific tutor. Class representatives will organize larger classes with the ESSEC to review work before exams. Large classes are completely free although a donation to the postgraduates for their time and effort is appreciated. 
Current tutors include:

Environmental Geochemistry:
Ryan Cloete 15994619 
Zandria Jordaan 17717744
Johan Viljoen 16487338

Applied Geology:
Tahnee Otto 18520081
Robyn Symons 17503701

Britt Turner 18362354
Tanisha Schultz 18191010

MSc Hydrogeology:
Yaa Dwomoh 18565255

Current SU 3rd year students

If you are a current geology 3rd year student and want to apply for honours, make sure you hand in both the internal application form as well as doing the SU online application. Check here for more information on the prospective postgraduate students site.​