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Download the latest version of the program (Version 2019-03-01) here:

*Caution I am currently adding a routine to approximate trace elements supersolidus, this functionality is still in progress

 Download the manual as well as a summary here:

 Old Versions of Rcrust

 Rcrust (2019-02-05).zip

 Rcrust (2017-10-26).zip

 Rcrust (2017-02-14).zip

 Rcrust (2016-07-25).zip

Useful links on things relating to Rcrust

Analysing outputs with GCDkit
The GeoChemical Data ToolKIT, is a system for handling and recalculation of whole-rock analyses from igneous rocks. GCDkit can directly access outputs from Rcrust providing a highly efficient means of analysing geochemical results.

• GCDkit website


Writing functions in R
R is a simple easy to use freeware language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Knowledge of R will not only help the writing of custom functions in Rcrust but also the quick interpretation of results using GCDkit. An extensive resource on the subject has been published by
• Janousek, V., Moyen, J. F., Martin, H., Erban, V., & Farrow, C. (2015). Geochemical Modelling of Igneous Processes–Principles And Recipes in R Language: Bringing the Power of R to a Geochemical Community. Springer.


Selecting solution models and thermodynamic dataset
Correct selection and understanding of the underlying solution models and thermodynamic datasets are crucial. Below are a few links to help:


• THERMOCALC Information on the Holland and Powell internally consistent dataset as well as names of endmembers
• THERMOCALC Mineral abbreviations
• Perple_X Discussion group with good suggestions of solution models to use


Understanding metamorphic phase diagrams
• Metamorphic phase diagrams