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MSc students & thesis title 2018

Agyare-DwomohYaaThe isotopic application of Radon in establishing the relationship between intermediate mixing of hot and cold springs and non-artesian groundwaters in the Table Mountain Group aquifer​​​J Miller
BabediLebogang​Impacts of cation substitution on the geo-metallurgy of sulphide minerals​​B von der Heyden
BarbosaRafaelPetrogenesis of the granites of the suture zone between Gavião and Jequié Blocks, São Francisco Craton in the state of Bahia, NE Brazil  ​G Stevens
Cilliers                      Kirsten                        ​A PT profile through the crust below the Darling pluton​G Stevens
Cisneros LazaroDeyanira​Fluid-facilitated reactions controlling the distribution and intensity of deformation across the Pofadder Shear Zone​A Kisters
ComusoChristinaFluid Inclusion analysis and isotopic investigation of fluid flow in the Barberton Greenstone Belt: Sheba-Fairview gold mining district, South Africa  ​​B von der Heyden
DoggartShane​Geochronology and isotopic characterisation of LCT pegmatites from the Orange River Pegmatite Province ​I Buick
DunnStephanCharacterizing hydrothermal gold mineralization in the Ubendian Belt, southwestern Tanzania: Insights from geology, geochronology, geochemistry and stable isotope analysis (𝛿18O)​​B von der Heyden
FestHelenaAn investigation of partial melting and magma mingling in the Dalradian series of eastern Scotland​G Stevens
GeldenhuysPhilip​Field relationships, petrography and geochemistry of giant Precambrian mafic dykes across SW Angola​​M Klausen
Gloyn-JonesJonathan​Structural controls of fluid flow and mineralization in the Barberton Gold Mines​A Kisters
GordonHenryMineralogical and textural characterisation of Cu-Pb ores from the Swartberg deposit: A geometallurical approach to quantifying ore variability​​​J Miller
HarilallZitaNoble Gas Restraints on Residence Time of Groundwater Resources of the Table Mountain Aquifer  ​​​J Miller
JonkLouis​Geological and taphonomic context for dinosaurian assemplages in the Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation, Central Utha (USA​​R Tucker
JordaanZandriaTesting pCO2 as driving factor for carbon isotopic signature of Southern Ocean phytoplankton  ​S Fietz
KrugerEricSequence Stratigraphy, Petrography and Geochemistry of the Lati Formation in the Berau Sub-basin, Northeast Kalimantan, Indonesia​​B von der Heyden
LazarusLouis​Surface water self-purification and reaction to climatic events​S Fietz
RademanZandri​Reanalysis of the Ichnologically-based biostratigraphic zones of the Elliot and Clarens formations, Kingdom of Lesotho, Southern Africa​R Tucker
StochBenjaminThe construction of an implicit, 3D geological model of the major platiniferous reefs and marker horizons of the Main Chamber of the Bushveld Igneous Complex: Implications for the syn/post intrusion deformation history of the complex​​​J Miller
StroebelGraemeThe role of texture on the beneficiation efficiency of the Swartberg base metal sulphide deposit​​​J Miller
SymonsRobynThe geochronology and provenance of the Vanrhynsdorp Group sediments and their temporal and stratigraphic relationship to metasedimentary units within the Saldania Belt​G Stevens
Van RooyenJared​Understanding the distribution of tritium activity in groundwater across southern Africa and its role in assessing the renewability, vulnerability and sustainability of groundwater resources in response to climate change​​​J Miller
VermootenMarliThe geochronology and provenance of the Vanrhynsdorp Group sediments and their temporal and stratigraphic relationship to metasedimentary units within the Saldania Belt​​​J Miller
ViljoenJohan​Analysis of photosynthetic pigments and determination of phytoplankton community composition​​S Fietz
WeirIan​Testing the Silicic Acid Leakage Hypothesis​​​S Fietz


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