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​Name​Working titleSU ​Supervisor​Type/Funding
​BABEDI, LEBOGANG​Impacts of cation substitution on the geo-metallurgy of sulphide mineralsB von der Heyden​MSc

Field Relationships, Petrography and Geochemistry of variably deformed and metamorphosed Proterozoic mafic dykes across the Nagssugtoqidian Foreland (64.2ºN-65.5ºN), SE Greenland

M Klausen​MSc
​BOONZAIER, NICOLAS​Mineralogical controls on abrasiveness in the Waterberg coal fieldB von der HeydenMSc
​CILLIERS, KIRSTIN​A PT profile through the crust below the Darling plutonG Stevens​MSc
CISNEROS LAZARO, DEYANIRA​Fluid-facilitated reactions controlling the distribution and intensity of deformation across the Pofadder Shear ZoneA Kisters​MSc
​DOGGART, SHANE​Geochronology and isotopic characterisation of LCT pegmatites from the Orange River Pegmatite Province 

​I Buick

​EILERS, ANYA​Recharge estimation in the Verlorenvlei catchment through the use of stable isotopes, chloride mass balance and historical rainfall records​J Miller​MSc
​ENGELBRECHT, CORNE​Hydrogeochemical characterization of groundwater and assessment of hydrological processes using environmental tracers in the Mokolo cathment, LimpopoAN Roychoudhury​MSc
​GELDENHUYS, PHILLIP​Field relationships, petrography and geochemistry of giant Precambrian mafic dykes across SW Angola​M Klausen​MSc
​GLOYN-JONES, JONATHAN​Structural controls of fluid flow and mineralization in the Barberton Gold MinesA KistersMSc​
​INDONGO, JASON​Structural and metamorphic characterisation of the Southern Namaqua Front and Sperrlingsputs shear zones​J Miller​MSc
​JONK, LOUIS​Geological and taphonomic context for dinosaurian assemplages in the Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation, Central Utha (USAR Tucker​MSc
​KANGUEEHI, KAUKURAUEECharacterisation of southern Africa's major dust plumes: do they fertilise the ocean?
S Fietz
​LAZARUS, REUBEN​Surface water self-purification and reaction to climatic events​S Fietz​MSc
​MTHETHWA, MBALI​An experimental study of the digestion of entrained peritectic crystals by S-type graniteG Stevens​​MSc
​NETSHIDZIVHE, THENDO​Petrography, geochemistry and age of Bushveld's sills​M Klausen​MSc
​PIETERS, BERNARD​A hydrogeological study of the SW Berg River catchment area and Kasteelberg aquifer, Western Cape, South AfricaAN Roychoudhury​MSc
​PETRONIO, ALICE​Development of a baseline for Mg isotopes in groundwater on the west coast of southern Africa, from Cape Town to Walvis Bay​J MillerMSc
​RADEMAN, ZANDRI​Reanalysis of the Ichnologically-based biostratigraphic zones of the Elliot and Clarens formations, Kingdom of Lesotho, Southern AfricaR Tucker​MSc
​SIGIDI, NTHABELISENI​Geochemical and isotopic fingerprinting of salinity inputs into the Verlorenvlei estuarine lake​J Miller​MSc
​SMITH, HENDRIK​Structural evolution of the Lower Fish River - Onseepkans Thrust ​J Miller​MSc
​SOORAJLAL, ROXANNE​The petrogenesis of the Budduso pluton, SadiniaG Stevens​MSc
​VAN GEND, JANI​Experimental constraints on precipitation of Iron- and Manganese-oxyhydroxides in response to ozonation of groundwater.  ​J Miller​MSc
​VAN ROOYEN, JARED​Understanding the distribution of tritium activity in groundwater across southern Africa and its role in assessing the renewability, vulnerability and sustainability of groundwater resources in response to climate change​​​J Miller​MSc
​VILJOEN, JOHANNES​Analysis of photosynthetic pigments and determination of phytoplankton community composition​S Fietz​MSc
​WALTERS, SCHALK​Reanalysis of cryptic sedimentological relationships involving the Southern Karoo Ripon Formation R Tucker​MSc
​WEIR, IAN​Testing the Silicic Acid Leakage Hypothesis​​​S Fietz​MSc
​WELGEMOED, WEAN​Age and petro genesis of Precambrian mafic dyke swarms across the Kasai craton, DRC  M KlausenMSc​