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 Ian Weir

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​Henry Gordon

MSc students & thesis title 2020

SurnameFirst nameMSc thesis working title         Supervisor
Testing the ability of element to mineral conversion to predict ore variability  ​​J Miller​​​​
De JonghTaraDetermination of dissolved aluminium in seawater by a Lab-On-Valve method coupled with solid phase extraction and fluorescence detection.AN Roychoudhury
Comparative Taphonomy of two Mio-Pliocene sites on the south western coast of Southern Africa: a palaeoforensic and geochemical investigation
​​R Tucker
FestHelenaAn investigation of partial melting and magma mingling in the Dalradian series of eastern Scotland​G Stevens
Relating groundwater 87Sr/86Sr ratios and their characteristics with bedrock geology in the Berg River Valley, Western Cape South Africa 
​​​J Miller​
Controls of auriferous reefs in the Sheba-Fairview Complex, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa ​ ​​​A Kisters
JordaanZandriaTesting potential drivers of carbon isotopic signature in the Southern Ocean. ​
​S Fietz​

Geological Context for Mio-Pliocene Marine Mammal fossil assemblage site along Southern Africa’s South-Western Coast​R Tucker​



The use of isotope tracers to understand the physical processes that impact groundwater sustainability, West Coast, South Africa​
J Miller​
The distribution and cycling of Molybdenum in the Southern Ocean ​AN Roychoudhury
​Pintos Cerda
Lucas​Structural controls of gold bearing fractures within the Sheba-Fairview complex, focusing on Fig tree and Onverwacht Group hosted structures, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa​A Kisters​
Groundwater recharge characterisation using 222 Rn isotopes ​J Miller
Sulphide geochemistry in the Fungurume 88 Co-Cu depositB von der Heyden
SchultzTanishaThe mobility and solubility of gold in the primitive felsic magmas that formed the Kaapvaal CratonG Stevens

Raya​Constraining the suitability of barium as a principle indicator of paleoproductivity​S Fietz​
Quantifying microfossils for petroleum exploration using X-ray computed tomography: a new approach in applied micropaleontology​

B von der Heyden​
Van BredaIsabellaX-ray tomography of heavy mineral sands for improved mining operations
​​​R Heyn


Comparison of Acid-Base Accounting and Element to Mineral Conversion methods for determining AMD potential in base metal sulphide ore deposits: An example from the Spektakel Copper Mine.​​J Miller​
Petrogenesis of the Aigoual Pluton of the Massif Central in France​​G Stevens


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Jonathan Gloyn-Jones



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​Zandri Rademan