What is Rcrust?
Rcrust is a thermodynamic modelling tool that uses a compiled form of "meemum" from the Perple_X suite of programs to calculate the phase stabilities of points in P-T-X space. The strength of "Rcrust" is that it allows dependence relations to be defined between points. Thus a reactive subsystem can be studied with bulk compositional changes invoked by phase additions or extractions. This automated handling of compositional change allows multiple new applications for phase equilibria modelling.


Getting Started
Rcrust can easily be run through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to perform simple calculations with no prior programming knowledge. More advanced functionalities can be accessed by bypassing the GUI and dealing directly with the code.

The Rcrust user manual explains installation and contains 3 simple examples to familiarise yourself with running the program. The manual is contained within the Rcrust installation files or can be downloaded separately on the downloads page.


How can I get involved?
Rcrust is developed by geologists for geologists. The Graphical User Interface was designed to allow people with no programming background to be able to use it. More powerful (user controlled) and recent (often unstable) features are accessible to advanced users who bypass the GUI. However, at all levels the objective is to have the simplest understandable functions possible.
Advanced users are encouraged to learn basic R commands after which they will find they can easily write and add their own functions to Rcrust. We welcome any requests, alterations or collaborations.