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Hydrogeology is a sub-discipline of geology that studies the distribution, movement, and chemical properties of groundwater, which is water that flows beneath the Earth’s surface. Groundwater is a precious resource, making up a majority of the accessible fresh water supply world-wide. Currently our research at Stellenbosch University focuses on numerical modelling of groundwater surface-water interactions, the delineation of wellhead protection areas, aquatic pesticide pollution in the Western Cape, and the evaluation of groundwater budgets during the recent drought (ca. 2015-2018) in the Western Cape.


Current research comparing groundwater-surface water interactions within (a) alluvial and (b) bedrock river settings (Chow et al., submitted).


Current research on the delineation of wellhead protection areas (shaded orange area on the left) and baseflow contribution areas for surface water (shaded orange area to the right) (Chow et al., 2016)

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