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​​Current Ho​nours students

IMG_1066.jpg​​The Honours year is an intense journey through a multitude of subjects and your research project. The honours course is taught in English.

Please read the handbook which contains all  relevant information for Earth Sciences Honours students:

Earth Sciences Honours Handbook 2021 (updated)​​​​​​​

The Honours Programme module information (status 2021) ​​This compilation serves as a general content guideline. Updated frameworks with further details will be posted on SUNLearn and will be available to students enrolled in the programme of the specific year.

​Honours field trip, June 201​8

General information regarding important contacts for research students, use of research facilities, vehicle rentals for field work etc is listed in the relevant boxes in the top right corner.

Current MSc and PhD students

Please read the handbook which contains all  relevant information for Earth Sciences MSc and PhD students:

​​Jason-small.jpgAll research students (MSc and PhD) and their supervisors must co-sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) within 3 months of the student's registration date. This is a Faculty of Science requirement.



MSc field work in Namibia​

​Twice a year, in April/May and September, all MSc and PhD students and their supervisors are required to complete a Research Progress Report  for the departmental Research Student Committee. Completion of this report is a Faculty of Science requirement. The call for this as well as the deadlines will be communicated via e-mail.

Computer labs, telephones, vehicle rentals and social life...

For your daily work at the department please check the following information on the use of the computer labs, software you might need, telephones or the rental of vehicles that you might need for field work etc. ... and some social like the good old 'braai'. 

​Sample preparation, Central Analytical Facility and other laboratories

Depending on the type of your research project, you may have to use different laboratories​ and instruments at SU Centre for Analytical Facilities (CAF). Read here on how to get access and inform yourself on best practices (dos and don't​s) regarding the use of labs and instruments

Academic ethics & plagiarism

With regard to academic ethics and plagiarism please take note of the University's policy and procedure on plagiarism.

  • Get help and training from the SUN Library and Information Service to avoid plagiarism.
  • Policy on plagiarism (in support of academic integrity)
  • Procedure for the investigation and management of allegations of plagiarism
  • Also read the paragraph in the Honours and Research students handbooks regarding plagiarism

​Beware: the University has a zero tolerance toward plagiarism!!