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Honours students & thesis topics 2020: 

SurnameNameThesis working titleSupervisor

ALEXNDAHAFAImpacts of trace element chemistry on auriferous pyrite and arsenopyrite flotation responsevd Heyden
ALLISAIBIRELANDThe comparison between the origin of the Nambian dust and the anthropogenic dust of Saldanha Bay and its impact on the coastal systems. Fietz
BLIGNAULTJACQUESX-ray tomography of heavy mineral sands for improved mining operationsHeyn
BOTHASTEPHANInternal structure and geometry of the Oamikaub dioriteKisters
BURGERFRANCOISUsing image analysis coupled with mineral chemistry to estimate the bulk composition of pegmatites: a new methodology for developing reliable exploration tools applicable to coarse grained rocksMayne
CHINGWARUSTEVEMetamorphic Evolution of Banderlierkop formation metapelites from the proposed hydrated zone of the Southern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo Belt Stevens
FICKWESSELDevelopment of a reliable exploration technique using drone data on the Namaqualand pegmatites.Mayne
GOLDACELINEThe geometry and structural controls of the Oamikaub diorite, NamibiaKisters
HOFFMANSEANA new methodology for considering minor elements of geologic importance in phase equilibria modelling.Mayne/Stevens
HURLINGLIAMDeveloping electron beam techniques for the analysis of excess oxygen and water in mineralsStevens
MTHETHWANKOSINATHIFeasability of mining thin coal seams in the Ermelo Coal Fieldvd Heyden
MULLERJAREDPetrography and geochemistry of a compositionally bimodal suite of post-Guperas Fm dykes in the Sinclair terrane of NamibiaKlausen
NIEMANDTCORNEThe Gannakouriep dyke swarm's igneous geochemistry and extent versus metamorhpic and structural overprint by the Gariep orogenyKlausen
OOSTHUIZENBIANCAAn investigation of Garnet rich meta sedimentary residua from the Massif Central, France.Stevens
RAKOMATSHEPISOEmplacement mechanisms of the Oamikaub diorite, NamibiaKisters
SIKUSHUMANEMORINAQuantifying mineral statistics using QUEMSCANMiller
STEYNKAYLINUsing Sr isotopes to quantify recharge in order to assess groundwater sustainabilityMiller
STORMJACOBUSPetrographic analysis and distribution of orbicular granites within the Bushmanland terrane near Springbok, South Africa.

TODDCHADCharacterisation, age dating and fluid inclusion analysis of Amani pegmatites/granitesvd Heyden
WIUMEMTIAUsing zircon geochronology to compare the detrital origin of the San Rafael Swell vs the Zuni BasinTucker

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