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Undergraduate Programme Overview


Our undergraduate Earth Science programme combines observational and field skills with the necessary scientific background. All courses aim to develop critical thinking and improve your problem-solving toolkit. You will be taught essential skills to understand the earth as a system and its related processes. We also strive to develop team work and provide you with sound communication skills. ​​ ​

This year the Stellenbosch University Open Day was an online event. Please visit the Earth Sciences Open Day website​ to access a better version of the videos below. Further information about studying at SU is compiled here​. Or click here to go directly to the Faculty of Science's exhibition.

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How to find further information on the BSc programme in Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences offers a BSc in Earth Sciences either within the Applied Earth Science stream or within the Geo-environmental Science stream with a minimum duration of three years. Both streams lead to an Honours programme in Earth Sciences as a fourth year. The programme consists of prescribed curricula, that is a combination of subjects that can be followed to obtain a degree. The curriculum contains both compulsory and elective subjects. 

The BSc programme in Earth Sciences is offered as part of the Physical Sciences by the Faculty of Science. 

For more information regarding the curriculum for our BSc programme in Earth Sciences read the Faculty's Calen​der​ (Undergraduate Earth Sciences is on page 63 with additional information on the module content on page 199.)

You can also find more information on the course structure​, subject contents and field trips​ to get a better idea of the programme on this website.

Our programme is a selection programme. See information on selection and contact details for questions here​. (Follow the links for Sciences -> Physical Sciences -> to Earth Sciences.)

Please see here for further information relevant to all undergraduate students​.

How to apply for BSc Earth Sciences?

This site has all the information on applications, fees, bursaries and accomodation. 

See you at Earth Sciences !