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Honours students & thesis topics 2019: 

SurnameFirst nameHonours thesis working titleSupervisor
GrahamAssessment of Citizen Science Data fidelity; investigation of data acquis​ition and quality for the ongoing Fossil Shark TeethTucker
BredeveldtLucaPetrological study of the southern Lueta metagabbro-norite belt (Kasai River, Angola/DRC): A metamorphosed Archaean layered intrusion?Klausen
BromwichJaydeWNW-ESE trending dolerite dykes across the Benguela Province (Angola) and their possible petrological association with the Serra de Neve Ring ComplexKlausen
BurgerCarelThe structural constraints on the emplacement of the Kao kimberlite pipe, Lesotho.Kisters
CarltonLukeStructural controls of auriferous reefs at Sheba mine, Barberton greenstone belt.Kisters
CostarasHelénaSpatial distribution of groundwater 87Sr/86Sr ratios and their relationship to bedrock geology along the west coast of South AfricaMiller
CupidoIvanaInvestigating the application of element to mineral conversion to predict mineralogical makeup of the lower swartberg ore body
DawsWarrickGeochemical assessment of Saldanha bay marine waters.Fietz
De LangeStevenChemical controls on gold precipitation at Sheba Mine, Barbeton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
DoldSamanthaRocks of the Swartland terrane, revisited. Kisters
FourieHeikeUnravelling the stratigraphy offshore Chameis Bay, southern Namibia: A study on marine diamond placervdHeyden
GovenderSageTrace metal Geochemistry of Saldanha Bay sediments. Roychoudhury
JonesCaitlinStructural controls and nature of the alteration mineralization in the Zwartkoppie Formation of Sheba Mine, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa.​​
MkandlaAndileTrace elements geochemistry of soils in Saldanha Bay Local MunicipalityRoychoudhury / Fietz
MoldenhauerJenaInvestigating the application of element to mineral conversion to predict mineralogical makeup of the upper swartberg ore body
NxumaloSamTrace metal Geochemistry of Marina Hill Formation in New MexicoRoychoudhury
O'BrienAedanCharacterization of the heavy mineral assemblage and chemistries within conglomerates of the Moodies Group in the Barberton greenstone belt - in doing so, investigating the orogenic processes by which the belt has been affected.Stevens
Pintos CerdaLucasStructural controls of auriferous reefs at Sheba mine, Barberton greenstone belt, South AfricaKisters
Plavy NtsieleLegranGeochronology of granites and gneisses from the Kasai craton, Democratic Republic of Congo Klausen
RosenfelsRyanThe Fungurume 88 Deposit in the Tenke Fungurume Mining District (TFMD), an unusual primary high-grade Cobalt sulfides Mineralization deposit with the Upper Dolomitic Shale (SDS) as the main host rockvdHeyden
SekwatiNokoPetrological and geochemical characterization of the Mwenezi intrusion, ZimbabweKlausen
SokoNqobileComparing and calibrating large diameter and slim diameter core drilling qualities, washabilities and yields."vdHeyden
Van Der MerweMichelleRadiometric age dating of early Avian-like holotypes from the Jehol Biota, Northern ChinaTucker​

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