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Cl​​​ass 2022

​Project Title 

Feild mapping and characterization of the Berg-en-dai migmatites 
​Isabella Mary-Anne
​Dust loads and characteristics Saldanha Bay
Iron Distribution within the Marginal Ice Zone of the Southern Ocean​​
Determining garnet growth conditions for metapelites from the Malmesbury Group using experimental petrological methods and the modelling thereof using Rcrust.
​Geochemistry of suspended particulates in Orange River
Comparison study of Mn Mineralization in The Koegas and GAMAGARA Fm.
Amber​Economic Geology 
Eric​Economic Geology
KalamoudacosNicholas Hard rock petrology and small-scale mapping of a vertical section of layered granite in the Cape Granite Suite in order to understanding how the layering formed and what it represents
​le Roux
3D modelling of kimberlite at Kao diamond mine, Lesotho
​Examining the cross-section variations of the ultramafic units at the Tantalite Valley Complex, Namibia
​Impact human health
​Resistance of phytoplankton to pollution
​Dissolved iron and macronutrients in Lower Orange River
​Mapping of the spread of PFAS contamination sites in South Africa and the materials that cause PFAS contamination in the South African context
​Integrating rotational data to pixel classification: a method for improving image analysis of petrographic sections.
​Land use and source of nutrients to Lower Orange River: A GIS study.
Timpson ​Daniel
Tantalite Valley Complex​
​van ​ Staden
​Hermanus Johannes
​Thermodynamic investigation of in situ partial melting in the Nelspruit granite suite
​Kira Elisabeth
​Bone histology and vertebrate taphonomy of unique fossil preservation, Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation​

The honours year is a modular based educational experience that covers a broad array of dedicated geoscience skills and topics. Each module is presented using a combination of educational approaches and paradigms and modes of delivery include formal lectures, blended learning, and hands-on practical exposures. In addition to the diversity of experiences, highlights from the year-long course include a two week field school and mine tour, and the research thesis in which Honour's students apply their knowledge and skills towards answering outstanding scientific research questions. For more information on the contents please check here.​  ​

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