​​​​​​​​​Industry employment of some of our recent graduates

  • Kirsten Cilliers (MSc 2019 in Applied Geology) -​ at Anglo American
  • Jonathan Gloyn-Jones (MSc cum laude, 2018 in Applied Geology) – works with Tect consultancy (Somerset West) as a structural geologist
  • Ian Weir (MSc 2018 in Marine Geochemistry) - at Anglo American, during his first year placed in Mokopane, Limpopo on the Mogalakwena mine; Ian focusses on exploration geology and geochemistry​ within the Discovery and Geosciences department and is currently part of a large platinum exploration project. LinkedIn page​​
  • Lazarus Reuben (MSc 2018 in Environmental Geochemistry) - at GEOSS Grou​ndwater and GIS Consultants​, Stellenbosch. 
  • Anya Eilers (MSc 2017) - The Global Green Growth Institute, Ethiopia
  • ​Shawn Kitt (PhD, 2017 in Applied Geology) – Senior Structural Geologist with SRK, Cardiff (Wales), mineral exploration and mining​
  • Shalk Walters (MSc 2018  in Applied Geology) - Diamond placer exploration in Namibia
  • Shane Doggart (MSc 2019  in Applied Geology​) - Council for Geosciences 
  • Duncan Hall (PhD, 2016 in Applied Geology) – currently working with IGS (UK) and involved in regional mapping projects throughout Africa and elsewhere
  • Corné Koegelenberg (PhD, 2016 in Applied Geology) – geological consultant with Tect in Somerset West, specializing​ in the structural analysis and modelling of ore deposits
  • Tolene Kruger (MSc cum laude, 2016 in Applied Geology​)  Exploration and project geologist with RTZ, Namibia and Zambia​​
  • Sara Zarrebini (MSc 2015  in Applied Geology​) - Absa Bank Software development
  • Kelly Swana (MSc 2015) - Geo-Environmental consultant STM Environmental, London

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​Academic employment of some of our recent graduates 

  • Francesco Narduzzi (PhD 2018) – Postdoc at Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • S Couzinié​ (PhD 2017) - Lecturer Collage Universite Lyon, France
  • A Vezinet (PhD 2016) - Postdoc at University of Alberta, Canada
  • M De Melo (PhD 2016) - Postdoc at Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil
  • G Nicoli​ (PhD 2015) - Postdoc Cambridge University, UK
  • A Nakwafila (MSc 2015) - Lecturer at University of Namibia, Namibia