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STATS: what you need to know

​​Venue: Genetics Department A205B

Date: 28 August 12 noon


Introduction to Python

  1. Introduction to Python, the interpreter and variables
  2. Conditionals, flow control and loops
  3. Data structures
  4. Functions, recursion and variable scope
  5. File input and output, error messages and debugging
  6. The standard library, modules and Biopython
  7. Classes and object orientation

Date: Every Tuesday from 10-12 from 29 August to 17 October (except 26 September)

Venue: Committee Room (2005), AI Perold Building

Registration: A​ttendance is free, but registration is compulsory. REGISTER FOR THE COURSE

Important: Students must please bring their own notebook computers.  We will install Python version 3.62 on your computer in the first session.