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Introduction to Bioinformatics

H3ABioNet distributed classroom presentation of an Introduction to Bioinformatics course.
The course is aimed at individuals from a molecular biology background who have a basic understanding of biochemistry and/or genetics and would like to become a bioinformatics user

The course will cover:

  • Bioinformatics resources and databases 
  • Linux
  • Sequence alignment theory and applications 
  • Multiple sequence alignment (MSA)
  • Molecular evolution and phylogenetics
  • Genomics

The course will start in April 2017 and will run over a 3 month period
Two 4h contact sessions per week is planned over the 3 month period 
A distance-based learning model will be used for this course
Trainers will pre-record their lectures, which will then be downloaded and watched by the local classrooms during contact sessions. This will be followed by a practical session, during which participants will work through a practical assignment
A trained tutor will be present in the classroom during the contact/practical session

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