Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Natural Sciences Student Committee

​​​ ​ ​As a registered student in the Faculty of Science, you are automatically  a member of the Science Society, managed by the Natural Sciences Student Committee.


Physical Address: Room 2011 in the AI Perold Building


We will constantly strive towards realising our vision through:

  • being accountable, accessible and visible leaders who represent all students
  • promoting students' awareness of various resources and supporting structures available to them
  • maintaining effective and transparent communication between students, student leadership and management
  • protecting, maintaining and promoting the academic integrity of the University



We as the NSC aim to be a representative body for our fellow Science students. We aim to create an environment where students can strive toward developing their holistic selves to contribute positively to South Africa. Moreover, we strive to engage critically with factors which inhibit said environment such as, but not limited to, any academic or social challenges that may arise.


Integrity / Commitment / Accountability / Inclusivity / Innovation


Committee members 2017/2018

 Lucia DalyChair Personstudent Number (3).png