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Contract Researchers & Postdoctoral Fellows

​Contract Research Staff ​ ​ ​
​Shelly Deane (PhD)
Research field: Plasmid biology and molecular biology of acidophilic biomining bacteria, microbial interactions, bacteriocin expression and possible “cross-talk” between probiotic bacteria

Room: A315, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5850
Email: smd@sun.ac.za
Shaunita Rose (PhD)
Part-time researcher
Research field: Yeast and fungal strain construction for plant biomass conversion to bioethanol

Room: A353, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5860
Email: shrose@sun.ac.za
Maria Garcia (PhD)
Research field: Biotechnology  for integral use of lignocellulosic biomass in biorefineries

Room: A335, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5855
Email: garcia@sun.ac.za
Marelize Botes (PhD)
Research field: Point-of-use and decentralized water filtration systems, the control of biofilm formation in water systems, the treatment of agricultural wastewater and the application thereof as feedstock in renewable energy and other value-added products

: 2007, AI Perold Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 2708
Email: mbr@sun.ac.za
​Lisa Warburg (MSc)
Technical Officer
Room: A335, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5855
Email: lwarburg@sun.ac.za

​Lalie Kossatz (MSc)
Research Technical Assistant

Research field: Yeast and fungal strain construction for plant biomass conversion to bioethanol

Room: A353, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5860
Email: lhk@sun.ac.za

Postdoctoral Fellows ​ ​ ​
Elanna Bester (PhD)
Research field: Understanding the role of biofilm lifestyle in microbial adaptation, survival and proliferation in environments ranging from water treatment facilities to the gastrointestinal tract

Room: A346, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5805
Email: elanna@sun.ac.za

Michael Bester (PhD)
Research field: IP landscaping and developing advanced yeast for biomass conversion to biofuels and other green chemicals

Room: A335, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5855
Email: bester@sun.ac.za
​Kim Trollope (PhD)
Research field: Advancing the field of natural product research:  a case study investigating the physiological responses of human pathogenic fungi to antifungal medicinal South African plant extracts

Room: A322, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5852
Email: kim@sun.ac.za
​Adnan Cavka (PhD)
Research field: Research on industrial microbiology and bio-economics

Room: A335, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5855
Email: cavka@sun.ac.za

​Jayesh Ahire (PhD)
Research field: Incorporation of various antimicrobial agents in bio-compatible nanofiber scaffolds and study their compatibility with respect to biological activity

Room: A315, JC Smuts Building
Tel.: +27 21 808 5850
Email: jayesh@sun.ac.za
Wendy Stone (PhD)
Research field: Effectively harnessing both microbial metabolic dynamics and human dynamics (citizen, industry, academia, government) for the alleviation of Africa-specific challenges in water distribution and wastewater remediation

Room: 2003, AI Perold Building
Tel.:  +27 21 808 2708
Email: wstone@sun.ac.za