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NB: Augmented Remote Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (ARTLA) Second Semester 2021 (click here for info)​​

​​​​​The information regarding the policy for 2022 will follow soon.​​

​​Academic requests for the first semester of 2022

All requests to deviate from you current prescribed curriculum must be addressed to the Academic Committee via this form.  The Academic Committee will consider the following requests:

    1. Deviation from the Calendar (pass prerequisites, prerequisites, co-requisites);
    2. Changes in programme or stream; and
    3. Deviation from the registered curriculum for modules and / or programmes offered by the Faculty of Science.

The online form for requests regarding the first semester will be live from 25 October 2021 until 07 February 2022. The Academic Committee will meet on the following dates to ensure that students receive feedback before registration and commencement of the first semester:

i)     17 November 2021  ii)    08 December 2021  iii)   19 January 2022  iv)   09 February 2022

Students will be notified of the outcome via their SUN-email address within three days after the scheduled meeting.  The decision of the Academic Committee is final and no late requests or appeals will be considered.

For further academic and programme enquiries, contact the Coordinator: Academic and Student Affairs:

Ms A Valentyn
Tel: +27 21 808 3931
Send email 

The Faculty has introduced a number of interventions to support undergraduate students, such as a tutor programme in which students with problems are identified early and academic support provided. With regard to our language policy, at the first year level we attempt to provide tuition in Afrikaans and English in parallel groupings, with interpreting services offered as and where needed from the second year level.​

The Faculty awards various medals annually to outstanding students for their academic achievements.


For registration-related enquiries, contact the Faculty Administrator:

Mr B Abels
Tel: +27 21 808 4832
Send email 


Faculty of Science Language Implementation Plan 2022

Textbooks for first-year BSc students 2022​​

​Important dates for Science Faculty students​​

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​​Dean's Concession Examination

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