​Study fees

* estimated; subject to approval of budget by end of 2020.

These amounts are not applicable to international students, with the exception of international students with valid permanent residency in South Africa and international students with refugee status - click here to be redirected to the website of Stellenbosch University International.  

Below follows a representative sample of the University's instructional programmes along with the estimated study fees of each, per annum, as applicable in 2020. These figures are simply meant as an estimate indication of the cost of study. For a more accurate indication of the cost, please compile a quote - see the link above the table below. 

Please note that study-related additional costs, known as Module costs and Program costs (materials and laboratory fees and travelling expenses), calculated according to the amounts of 2020 with the annual increase, are included in the amounts listed below; departments may alter these based on academic need.  Estimates for text books (enquire at the academic departments), membership dues for academic and registered societies (R20 - R5 671), PSO fees for private students (R371), House fees for students in residences (R638) and parking fees are excluded.

For more detailed information on study fees, consult the Calendar 2021, Part 3, Student Fees​, which indicates the estimated cost of a selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

A copy of the Calendar is available online. 

Request a more detailed Provisional Statement of Fees / Quotation (Undergraduate and Postgraduate, all years of registration)​


Estimated amount in 2021 for 1st year of Undergraduate study (unless stated otherwise)


R43 343

​BA in Human Resource Management

​R48 037

​BA in Development and Environment

R48 607​

BA (Law)

R54 501

BA in Visual Arts

R43 734

​BA in Socio Informatics, Opt 2

R42 771

​BA  in Sport Science

R46 763​

BA in Drama and Theatre Studies

R44 448

B of Music (BMus)

R48 915

​B in Social Work

R45 627

BEd (Intermediate Phase Education)
BEd (Foundation Phase Education)

R48 977
R45 737


R55 997

​BSc in Earth Sciences

R60 256​

​BSc  in Human Life Sciences

R56 801​

BSc Agric

R48 862

​BScAgric in Grapevine and Wine Sciences

R53 179

​BAgric in Agricultural Business Management

R47 504​

BSc in Food Science

R53 021

BSc in Forestry and Wood Science

R47 986

​BTh (Bachelor of Theology - Youth Work)

R45 106

BDiv (Bachelor of Divinity)

R52 062

LLB (Undergraduate)

R54 169

LLB (Postgraduate, 2nd B degree), 1st of 2-yr

R49 490

LLB (Postgraduate, 2nd B degree), 1st of 3-yr

R56 262

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)  

R44 940

BCom (Actuarial Science)

R69 076

BCom (Law)

R57 293

​BCom (Industrial Psychology)

R50 845​

​BCom (Mathematical Sciences)

R51 127​


R51 074 


R60 139

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

R64 974

BSc in Physiotherapy 

R53 522

BSc in Dietetics

R53 776

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

R55 484

B achelor in Speech-Language and
Hearing Therapy 

R50 206

​​Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery

​R48 706


R71 203


R71 203


R71 203


R71 203


R87 283


R68 296


Click here for a PDF document with estimated study fees for 2021


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