Payment options and methods of payment

​Following registration, a full account for the relevant year is sent out via e-mail to every student. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for an account if one was not received. It also remains the student's responsibility to ensure that the correct e-mail address is provided.

Students can log in to the student portal to check and update their e-mail address details.

Student fees accounts are also available on my.sun.ac.za.

If student fees are paid in full before or on 31 March, a discount of 3% will be granted on tuition fees, provided that the parent or guardian completes the prescribed form and hands it in at the Student Fees Section for processing of the application, together with the initial proof of payment. This rebate, however, is not granted on module and programme cost parts of the study fees, including those of the MPhil in Information and Knowledge Management, and of programmes offered at USB and SPL.

Please note:

Study fees for the relevant year must be paid in full before your application for rebate can be considered. Once the written application has been approved and calculated, the student fees account will be credited with the relevant percentage rebate.

The rebate should therefore not be deducted from the full amount due when making payment. 

The amount credited cannot be disbursed and is used to cover costs incurred during the rest of the year. 

The rebate application will only be considered in the relevant year of study and not retrospectively for previous years of study.

Rebates are only applicable to students, parents or guardians that are fully financially responsible for the total student fees account, and international students with permanent residency. Other international students and students who are funded by bursary companies do not qualify. 

Rebate on study fees:

If three or more children/members from the same family are simultaneously registered for a full-time programme at the University, a rebate of 10% per student may be granted on the tuition fees of each student, provided that the parent or guardian completes the prescribed form and hands it in at the Section Student Fees for processing of the application.  

This rebate, however, is not granted on module and programme costs, including those of the MPhil in Information and Knowledge Management, and of programmes offered at USB and SPL. 

International students:  These rebates are available only for international students with valid permanent residency in South Africa and international students with refugee status.

Choose your payment option/method of payment:

Standard Payment Option (8 instalments)
Payment by debit order system Option (10 equal instalments)
Online payments: Card payment method
Cashless method: SnapScan
Payments may be made personally to the cashiers (method)
EFT into Student Accounts bank account

Standard Payment Option: In eight instalments

28 February20
31 March20
30 April20
31 May20
30 June5
31 July5
31 August5
30 September5
31 October-
30 November-


Payment by debit order system option: 

(Only for students with South African citizenship, for international students with valid permanent residency and for international students with refugee status, with a South African bank account) 

10 Monthly instalments under the University's debit order system (with due regard to payments made at registration)

First instalment:Payable by 1 March
Automatic adjustment:If additional amounts are charged to the student's account after 1 March
Debit order form: Download the form here - or request it from the Student Fees Division, Administration Building A, 2046 
Hand in the form:On or before 9 February
Period of validity:Full period of study OR a shorter period with 30 days written cancellation


Debit orders will be collected as follows :

1 March
1 April10
1 May10
1 June10
1 August10
1 September10
1 October10
1 November10
1 December10


Online payments: Card payment method:

Online Payment  - Click here

The benefit of paying online: The receipt is processed immediately, reflecting immediately on the student account, and no delay in your examination results being made available later on. 

Payments may be made in person to the cashiers method

Office hours:
Stellenbosch and Tygerberg Campuses: Mondays to Fridays, 08:00 - 15:30

The Cashier
Block A
Central Administration 
The Cashier
Clinical Building (1st floor)
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences 


Cashless method: SnapScan

Stellenbosch University (SU) is the first university in South Africa to use the SnapScan in-app payment solutions for payments on its campuses so that students no longer have to carry cash with them for certain payments.

SnapScan is a mobile application that enables cashless payments. The in-app payment mechanisms will be available for students to do bill payments for their student fees accounts, as well as for pre-paid services which include, meals, printing and laundry services. These payments previously had to be made (in cash or with a card) at the University's cashiers in the central administration building.

SnapScan Bills: This feature gives the users (students) the ability to clear the existing debt on their student accounts.

SnapScan Prepaid: This feature offers users (students) the ability to purchase prepaid services (printing credits, laundry quota or meals) and to top-up their student accounts.

EFT to Student Fees Bank account

Please note that the STUDENT NUMBER should be used as reference when making an EFT.

Refunding of a credit balance on student fees account:

Except for bursary holders, credit balances arising in the student fees accounts due to excess payment can be refunded on request after the full amount owed to the University for the academic year concerned, has been paid. However, banking details of the beneficiary must be provided in full by returning the completed prescribed form, verified and stamped by the bank, together with the proof of the initial payment to Section Student Fees.
Credit balances of bursary holders shall only be disbursed on presentation of the bursary donor's permission in writing. Undergraduate bursary holders are themselves responsible for arranging with bursary donors to provide them with written proof that credit balances may be paid out. Postgraduate bursary holders can enquire about the procedure to be followed at the bursary office of the Postgraduate Office. 


Student Fees Division
Tel: +27 21 808 9111
E-mail: studentaccounts@sun.ac.za