Placement for prospective students

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the student community, some adjustments had to be made to the residence placements process of first years in residences. Residence offers will continue in September when more information on residence capacity is available. Placement in a specific residence will be made at the end of November.

​Also remember to keep your options open and visit the University's private accommodation website on www.maties.com (> private accommodation).​

Important Information

What prospective students should know when they apply for residence
Residence placement policy
Management guidelines for implementation of placement policy
Residence Placement Terms and Conditions​
Residence Rules and Accommodation Rules​
Cost of residences​
Halaal meals on Stellenbosch Campus

Cancellation of residence placement (prospective students)

  1 The University will only accept a residence placement cancellation if you submit it in writing. Therefore, please send any cancellation to info@sun.ac.za, and
     remember to include your student number and the reason for your cancellation.

  2 Without having submitted such a notice, you will unfortunately not qualify for any possible reimbursement of the acceptance amount.

  3 The University will use the date of receipt of your written notice as the official date for calculating any monies owed.

  4 In respect of cancellations of residence placement, the acceptance amount will be dealt with as follows:
     4.1 If you cancel on or before 31 October, the University will reimburse you the full acceptance amount.
     4.2 If you cancel after 31 October, the University will charge a cancellation fee of R800.
     4.3 If you cancel later than a week after the release of the NSC results at the beginning of the registration year, you will unfortunately forfeit the full
            acceptance amount.
     4.4 If you have not arrived by the time that the welcoming programme starts, you will forfeit the full acceptance amount and the University will also cancel
            your residence placement.
     4.5 If you are not admitted to your study programme or, due to circumstances beyond your control, are unable to take up the residence placement for
            which you have already paid the required acceptance amount, you may apply for reimbursement in writing. Address a fully motivated letter to the
            Residence Placement Office and send it to info@sun.ac.za.
     4.6 However, keep in mind that the decision to reimburse any monies ultimately rests with the University.
     4.7 Place in residence is allocated for the full academic year. If you cancel your place during the course of the academic year, you will need to pay a
            cancellation fee of 30% of the outstanding residence fee.