National Benchmark Test (NBT)

The NBT is a test used for first-year applicants to higher education institutions. The test is designed to measure your ability to transfer understanding of language skills, numerical skills and Mathematics to the demands of higher education coursework.

Only School of Tomorrow applicants and applicants to the Faculty of Law. 

School of Tomorrow: School of Tomorrow applicants must write the NBT before the end of September 2024 to ensure their results are available in time for registration.

Faculty of Law:
- BCom Law, BAccLLB: AQL & MAT
- LLB, BA Law: AQL

​Please visit www.nbt.ac.za for test dates and bookings. 

The NBTs for the Faculty of Law must be written by 31 July. If you haven't registered to write the NBTs yet, please do so before the final assessment before this date.

Should you be unable to write online, the NBT office also offers the option of a remote session. Remote sessions may be requested by email to nbtremote@uct.ac.za. There are service costs associated with this option. More information on remote sessions may be found on their website, www.nbt.ac.za.

If you experience difficulties or require assistance, please contact the NBT Helpdesk by email at nbt@uct.ac.za or call 021-650-3523. ​