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Group leader:​

Professor Resia Pretorius - Head of Department and Distinguished Research Professor


Dr Chantelle Venter

​Research focus:

The research group’s focus is on: Blood coagulation, circulating inflammatory markers and how these play a role in inflammatory conditions like COVID-19, Long COVID, Type 2 diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriases and neuro-inflammatory conditions like Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.
In this group, we strive to do impactful research, that will both add comprehensive and novel academic knowledge to the field of physiology, and to translate my research findings to result in a societal benefit, where the research innovation results in pioneering transformations to human health. The coherence of the group’s research is that biophysical and biochemical pathophysiology seen in erythrocytes, platelets and fibrin packaging, are a significant accompaniment to a variety of (inflammatory) diseases and the reason for hypercoagulability and aberrant rheology is in part due to circulating bacterial inflammagens. The technological innovation is to use viscoelastic, biomarker and structural readouts, to develop cost-effective nanobiosensors for early detection of disease risk.
For more information on the group and its publications, please visit http://www.resiapretorius.net/ or for more on our new technol​ogical innovations visit: https://www.biocode.co.za/. ​

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