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Distinguished Prof. Kathy H Myburgh
National Research Foundation: Research Niche Area for Integrative Skeletal Muscle Biology

National and Regional Research Collaborators:
University of KwaZulu-Natal: Dept Biochemistry - Dr Carola Niesler

Senior Group Members:

Postdoctoral Fellow:
  • Dr Colin Venter
  • Dr Jandre Bezuidenhout 

  • Tracy Ollewagen
  • Carol Mahachi
  • Rhys McColl
  • Lisha van Onselen

  • Evan Knight
  • Maia Rawlins
  • Kyle Hageman
  • Michael Cowley
  • John Hingle
Recently graduated:
  • Dr Jason Lovett (postdoctoral fellow, Meridian Health,USA)
Recent Postdoctoral Fellows:
  • Dr Peter Durcan - Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Afrobodies Biotechnology Dr Nick Woudberg - Senior Scientist Synexa, Cape Town
Prof. Myburgh is the Leader of both the Muscle Research Group and the NRF RNA for Integrative Skeletal Muscle Research and the academic head of the Central Analytical Facility for Live Cell Imaging.
 The MRG’s interests include:
  • Skeletal muscle injury, inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Regeneration from injury including the roles of satellite cells, myoblasts and immune cells
  • Processes satellite cell proliferation, differentiation and fusion;
  • Specific immune cells and functions of interest include neutrophil adhesion and inhibition; macrophage phenotype.
  • Signaling pathways of interest
  • Exercise physiology
The Mission of the MRG is to:
  • Develop an international standard research platform, including up to date equipment and techniques.
  • Deliver research that is internationally competitive and relevant; locally relevant and of potential benefit to athletes or persons suffering from muscle diseases.

Research models:

We work with human subjects, small laboratory animals including transgenic mice; C2C12 cells, primary myoblasts and myotubes.​

More information regarding the groups endeavours and Awards:

​International Travel

​Award Winners

Dr Peter Durcan
  • France – Genethon 2017     
  • Greece – RISE 2017
Miss Tayla Faulmann
  • Slovenia – Conference 2017                     
  • Germany – Mannheim University 2017
Mrs Carol Mahachi
  • England – Plymouth University 2017
Mr Jason Lovett                                             
  • Spain – ISEV 2018

Pre conference workshop:​
Miss Tracey Ollewagen
  • USA – ACSM conference 2018                  
  • Germany – Mannheim University 2018
Mr Kiran Gudagudi
  • Japan – TERMIS conference 2018  
Mr Rhys McColl
  • Italy – GRC Myogenesis 2019
​Mr Christopher Reeves
  • ​Indian Ocean Rim Muscle - Colloquium poster 1st place 2016
Mr Kiran Gudagudi
  • lCTERM Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - poster 2nd place 2017 
Mr Niccolo Passerin
  • ​ICTERM poster 2nd place 2017 
Miss Tracey Ollewagen
  • PSSA Johnny van der Walt (poster) 2nd place 2016
  • PSSA Wyndham (oral) 2nd place 2017
  • ACSM International Student Travel Award 2018
Mrs Carol Mahachi
  • ​L’Oreal Women in Science Scholarship 2017 
Mr Jason Lovett                                             
  • Germany – European Molecular      
  • Labs EMBL – Travel grant

Recent Events

Extracellular vesicles: Seminars and workshop in the context regenerative medicine ​​

STIAS, Stellenbosch,  22 to 23 February 2023

Read the full articel on the event: https://www.sun.ac.za/english/Lists/news/DispForm.aspx?ID=9833.

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