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​​​​​The Faculty of Science works with the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and numerous other institutions to promote and encourage awareness of the importance of science and technology among society and in our schools specifically.

In all our social interaction initiatives, we strive to utilise our expertise to the benefit and support of society, and in service to the local and international scientific community.

Our vision is to ensure that our community and science engagements, educational initiatives and research strategies are ethical, safe and sustainable in the societies we serve.

Social impact initiatives in the Faculty of Science focus on: 


More about our social outreach initiative​s​

Iimbivane outreach project

Iimbovane Fig 2.jpgThe Iimbovane Outreach Programme was initiated in 2006 to help learners develop practical science skills. Iimbovane (meaning “ants" in isiXhosa) do this by actively engaging learners in the collection, identification and analyses of ant species in their own school grounds while providing the necessary support and equipment to do the practical investigations. Ants are everywhere in school grounds, very diverse, and easy to collect with inexpensive equipment, making it the ideal species for teaching biodiversity science at any school.

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Iimbovane has four key objectives, to:

  • Contribute to scientific literacy among learners by improving their understanding of the scientific method, while equipping them with practical science skills.
  • Improve quality of science education by providing support to science educators to teach biodiversity in a hands-on manner.
  • Contribute to environmental literacy among learners by improving their understanding and appreciation of local biodiversity.
  • Promote science as an attractive career among learners, especially girl learners.



Science Café Stellenbosch

Science Cafe.jpgScience Café Stellenbosch is an initiative of the Faculty of Science to promote the discussion of scientific issues in the public domain, in a language that everyone can understand. Since 2015, the Faculty of Science has hosted over fifty conversations with local and international researchers on topics ranging from white sharks and the equations of love to the chemistry of wine, and more recently building long-term immunity against COVID-19. Follow us on Facebook or send an e-mail to to join the mailing list.


Tomorrow Trust tutoring project

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This initiative from the Applied Mathematics Division provides an opportunity for students in the science and engineering faculties to act as tutors to high school learners who are part of the Tomorrow Trust program. The goal is to enable these learners to pass their National Senior Certificate with improved results, specifically in Mathematics, so they can gain access to better tertiary opportunities.​


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