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Key aspects of University-Community Collaboration aspects of University-Community Collaboration
Keeping opportunism in business in check opportunism in business in check
Report highlights challenges in health education highlights challenges in health education
FMHS psychiatrist attends Nobel event psychiatrist attends Nobel event
New executive committee of the Institutional Forum executive committee of the Institutional Forum



DEAFSA learners attend Youth Day 2018 commemoration learners attend Youth Day 2018 commemoration




Social Impact Symposium Impact Symposium2018-09-12T06:00:00Z
MGD/SI Kalkfontein Health Information Day Kalkfontein Health Information Day2018-05-26T07:00:00Z
Social Impact Orientation Session Impact Orientation Session2018-04-04T06:00:00Z



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Latest InitiativesView all Initiatives​​​​ Geographical and Environmental Literacy (EGEL) This initiative is aimed at providing PGCE students first hand experience at different under-resourced secondary schools in and around Stellenbosch before entering the teaching profession. Through this initiative students will be able to observe the challenges experienced by geography and environmental teachers and learners and provide intensive support in addressing these challenges. Support will be offered to geography and environmental teachers and learners for teaching and learning challenging geographical and environmental concepts and skills such as map work, GIS, sustainability, place, environment etc. This is an opportunity for PGCE students to apply theory to practice, to build partnerships with teachers, subject advisors and the wider community in an attempt to improve geography and environmental education programmes and designs at both secondary and tertiary level. ​​908 (Sharing Abundant Life Together)​​​​​​​Human rights in South Africa are not adequately met. This results in a lack of freedom of choice, unemployment, disempowerment and increased health issues. SALT believes that everybody should have equal opportunities and have their human rights met. SALT’s response to the challenges at hand is to provide opportunities for people to restore their dignity, establish food security, and have access to quality education. Every Thursday the women and under five children visit the NPO to access food and basic counselling on accessing basic services from the government. Our role is to bridge the gap with sexual and reproductive health education initiative every two Thursdays a month.​946 Practical Guide to Implementing Community-Based HIV-Prevention Services. Experiences shared and lessons learned from South Africa.​​​​This is a guidance document that was published based on the experiences and lessons learned from community-based HIV prevention services, implemented in communities around Cape Town between 2009 and 2016.​927

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