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 Student volunteerism


General Information​

How students can get involved:

  1. Residence structures
  2. Societies structures
  3. Faculty committees
  4. Sport societies
  5. Walk – ins at MGD ( individual students who would like to get involved)

Student volunteers are offered an accredited programme in order to capacitate students and prepare the students for volunteerism.

The course is NQF 6 accredited and has the following objectives:

  1. Introduction to community development​
  2. Project management and innovation
  3. Engaged citizenship within the International and national development frameworks.


Some of the projects students are involved in falls within these categories:

  1. Education ( mentoring)
  2. Leadership and Lifeskills
  3. Health promotion and awareness
  4. Arts ( crafts and drama)
  5. Sports
  6. Environmental awareness


The accredited course and community work of students has been officially recognized by SU and is added to their co- curricular transcript. 

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maties hands.pngStudents, it's easy to get involved!

1. Complete this fo​rm​ and email it to the respective Programme Manager:

     SU Campus and Tygerberg Campus: Michelle Pietersen

​2. You will then need to meet with the Programme Manager to discuss what
     opportunities are best suited to your talents.


Below are some of the opportunities currently available: Please note that the 2023 opportunities will be uploaded in due course.​​​​


Opportunities at Residences/PSO's/Societies


Opportunities at Maties Community Service Partners