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Your roadmap to the world of science

The Faculty of Science is a leading knowledge partner in the development of the scientific, technological and intellectual capacity of Africa and South Africa, and plays an active role in the development of South Africa and its people.​ ​

Is science for you?

I am ...
  • passionate about the natural sciences;
  • curious about the natural world;
  • always asking why, and how things work.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Taking your first step into the world of science

With a BSc degree, you have taken your first step into the fascinating world of science. Depending on your skills and interests, you can now build on this first degree by specialising in the field you are interested in, from a BSc Honours to an MSc and even a PhD.

Or you could diversify on your degree by registering for a postgraduate diploma in a related field, such as business, finance, marketing, journalism, agriculture, engineering or law. With a postgraduate certificate  in education, (and depending on you subject combination), you can teach school subjects such as Geography, Physical Science, Life Orientation, Information Technology, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematical Literacy.

However, remember that a BSc degree provides you with training in the fundamental sciences. Therefore, you will have the ability to think critically when tackling problems, based on a solid knowledge foundation in the natural sciences. (Engineering and Medicine are examples of applied sciences)​

A BSc degree will

  • Broaden and intensify your scientific knowledge;
  • Enhance your skills of problem solving, reasoning and scientific communication;
  • Provide you with a sound higher academic qualification as take-off for your professional career.​

What can I study?

The Faculty of Science offers ten degree programmes that are grouped into the biological sciences, the physical sciences and the mathematical sciences. We also offer a BSc degree with interdisciplinary curricula leading to various postgraduate options in four different faculties. Below is a list of the programmes with the applicable focal areas.


BSc Biodiversity and Ecology​
BSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology​
BSc Human Life Sciences​
BSc Sport Science​


BSc Chemistry
BSc Physics
BSc Earth Science
BSc GeoInformatics


BSc Mathematical Sciences
BSc Computer Science

Interdisciplinary BSc
BDatSci (Interfaculty)

You can also visit and click on "What can I study?" for more information.

Do I qualify?​

NSC/IEB School-leaving Qualifications

  • You must have an average of at least 65% final school-leaving mark.
  • You must have obtained a minimum performance level of 4 for Afrikaans OR English (Home Language or First Additional Language).
  • You must offer Mathematics as school subject and have obtained at least the minimum performance as prescribed for the specific programme.
  • For the specific admission requirements of programmes, it is important to consult the Undergraduate Admission Requirements​ and the Calenda​r and click on the Natural Sciences block for the Faculty of Science’s Calendar to ensure that you meet those requirements.
  • Admission requirements for learners with international school-leaving qualifications are available ​

Marks too low?

What if you have accepted the conditional offer, but your final Grade 12 marks do not meet the minimum requirements?

Our BSc Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECP) can accommodate a limited number of students. Preference is given to social-economically disadvantaged applicants. This programme takes one year longer than the mainstream degree programme since it offers a foundation year at the start of your studies.

For more information, contact our academic advisor at (021) 808 3931 or

How do I apply?​

Go to and complete an e-application online.

  • Closing date for applications: 31 July

Get advice
Make an informed choice before you apply. If unsure, contact our academic advisor at


Talk to us

  • Talk to us if you have any questions about career opportunities in the natural sciences, as well as student life at Stellenbosch University.
  • (021) 808-3931

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