Welcome to Stellenbosch University

​​​​​​​​​Department of Medicine 

The Department will strive to become the centre of excellence in Medicine in the country: 


It ​will strive to provide the most comprehensive, relevant yet enjoyable learning experience. It will do so within the framework of the transformation charter that the Department of Internal Medicine adopted in June 2005. It will strive to ensure that the staff at all levels reflects the profile of the community we serve. It will provide an enabling and pleasant environment for staff and students to work, learn and interact. Teamwork and cooperative interaction will be encouraged.


It will strive to provide a service to the community that is of the highest possible standard and do so in the most cost-efficient manner within prevailing financial and human resource constraints.


It will strive to produce research that is ethical and relevant and as far as possible communicate its findings to the community that it serves.

Prof Moosa​​​

Prof  H Reuter​