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​​​​​​​Department of Medicine

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Division of Cardiology

Meet the staff​

Medical Staff

Dr Pecoraro

Head: Div​ision of Cardiology

​Prof A Doubell

Emeritus Professor

Dr H Weich

Consultant Cardiologist 

Dr P H​erbst

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr J Mo​ses

Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist

Dr L Jou​​bert

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr H C​yster

Medical Officer (Echocardiography)

Dr T Chipamaun​ga

Senior Registrar

Dr J Liebenb​​erg

Senior Registrar

Dr J​ Doubell

Senior Registrar

Dr A Maza​​za

Senior Registrar

Dr S Sib​eko

Senior Registrar

Dr S Karamc​​hand

Senior Registrar

Dr A Ishmael

Senior Registrar​


Mr J St​​​eyn

Technologist Assistant Director

​Miss​​​ S Subramoney

Head Technologist

Miss H Cl​aasens


Mrs L Go​lding


Mr K Moo​dley


Miss T T​itus


Mr T Monaka​lali

Student Technologist

​Miss E Hu​go

Student Technologist 

Nursing personnel

Sr L Slam​bee

Operational Manager Coronary Care Unit

Sr C N​​ovember 

Operational Manager​ Cardiology Catheterisation Laboratory  

Sr N ​Gray

Operational Manager outpatients

Sr L Claas​​sen

Operational Manager A6

Sr M B​​odie

Operational Manager D4

Mrs C Swart
Operational Manager Radiography​

Research Staff

Dr E Ngaran​​de

Research Coordinator

Dr P Ro​​bbertse

Post Doctorate

Dr A Tal​​le

PhD candidate

Dr M ​Rajah

PhD candidate

Miss Kalcey Dr​eyer

Research Assistant 


Mrs Y​ ​​Waller

Cardiology Secretary​​