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HonsMedSci Course Description


The BSc(Hons) course in the Division of Medical Physiology at the Stellenbosch University is aimed at introducing BSc graduates who majored in Physiology, and persons with Medical and Dental qualifications to the Science of Physiology and Research Methodology. The Course is thus a prelude (and in most cases a prerequisite) to registration for a higher degree (MSc or PhD) in Medical Physiology or a related discipline.


The one year BSc(Hons) Course is aimed at preparing a small but important group of students for a career in Science. We aim to instil a healthy scepticism of dogma, to exercise and expand the student's analytic thinking, and to promote their problem-solving and hypothesis-formulating skills. On completion of the Course the student will be familiar with research techniques, and should feel confident to tackle the rigours of an MSc or PhD project.


Admission to the BSc(Hons) Course is restricted to graduate (BSc, MBChB, and BChD) students who have attained an average score of >60% for all of their undergraduate subjects. They must also have scored >60% in their final year undergraduate Physiology Courses.