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​Research projects & SURGG Members


Prof Stefan S du Plessis (Group Leader)

Prof Gerhard van der Horst (Extraordinary Professor)

Ms Bon​gekile Sosana



  1. Dr Peter Ibukun Oyeyipo
    Research Project - Investigating the reproductive effects of antiretroviral therapy in lean and diet-induced obese male rats


  1. Bashir Ayad
    Research Project - Computer-Aided Sperm Analysis (CASA) parameters and their correlations with sperm functional tests in fertile normozoospermic men with different abstinence durations
  2. Claudine Manirafasha
    Research Project - The effect of a Green Rooibos Extract on the reproductive function of obesity-induced insulin resistant or hypertensive male Wistar rats
  3. Bongekile Skosana
    Research Project - Proteomics and molecular investigation of the effects of obesity on male infertility


  1. Dennis S. Arokoyo


  1. ​Terri-Ann de Jager ​
    Rese​arch Project - Effect of anxiety on male reproductive parameters
  2. Dale Goss
    Rese​arch Project – Seminal plasma proteomics of semen samples collected after short abstinence
  3. Temidayo Omolaoye
    Rese​arch Project – Impact of hyperglycaemia on male reproductive function
  4. Esmari van der Merwe
    Research Project - Chronic Stress and semen parameters


  1. ​Kirsty Abrahams
  2. Kim Hill
  3. Anja Mackey
  4. Pallo Madisha

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