Centre for C​​​ardio-metabolic Research in Africa (CARMA)​

Brief History

The need for establishing the Centre for Cardio-metabolic Research Africa (CARMA) was already discussed by Profs Essop and Strijdom as far back as 2015 when they realised that combining the cardio-metabolic research groups in the Department of Physiological Sciences and Division of Medical Physiology would lead to stronger and more efficient outputs and impact. CARMA was thus founded in 2020 and is now officially hosted in the Division of Medical Physiology (Stellenbosch University). It is led by Prof Faadiel Essop (Director), with Prof Hans Strijdom currently acting as the Deputy Director. The Centre also has a strong presence and membership in the Department of Physiological Sciences (Faculty of Science, Stellenbosch University).​​

At the first official CARMA launch in 2020, pictured from left to right: Prof ​Eugene Cloete, Prof Louise Warnich, Prof Hans Strijdom, Prof Faadiel Essop, Prof Wim de Villiers, Prof Per Morten Fredriksen (Kristiania University College, Oslo) and Prof Jimmy Volmink​.

CARMA members at the launch in 2020, from left to right: Dr Theo Nell, Dr Bali Sishi, Dr Erna Marais, Dr Ingrid Webster, Dr Amanda Genis and Dr Danzil Joseph.​