​Centre for C​​​ardio-metabolic Research in Africa (CARMA)​

Brief History

The Centre for Cardio-metabolic Research in Africa (CARMA), officially hosted in the Division of Medical Physiology (Stellenbosch University), was founded in 2020, and is led by Prof Faadiel Essop (Director).  Prof Hans Strijdom is currently acting as the Deputy Director. The Centre also has a strong presence and membership in the Department of Physiological Sciences (Faculty of Science, Stellenbosch University). Recent reports in the literature are pointing to an accelerated prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (including ischemic heart disease) in South Africa, among others due to increasing trends of epidemiological transition, higher prevalence of cardio-metabolic risk factors (e.g. diabetes mellitus, obesity and vascular pathology) and a growing interplay with communicable diseases such as HIV. ​