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​Class of 2022​

  • Jasmine Andrews (Class Representative)

Supervisor(s): Dr S Windvogel and Dr M Blignaut 
Project Title: Investigating the E1CHA Rooibos (Aspalathus Linearis) extract as a potential modulator of liver antioxidant defences in the diet-induced obese Wistar rat.

  • Mia Lombard

Supervisor(s): Dr T Willmer, Prof C Pheiffer and Prof F Essop
Project Title: Investigating DNA methylation signatures of SLC6A4 in South African women with obesity, using a targeted pyrosequencing approach​.

  • Chelsey Ross

Supervisor(s): Dr B Skosana, Dr L Qulu and Miss L Ferguson
Project Title: The induction of stress via social isolation in a rat model: an investigation into the effects on male reproductive parameters.

  • Dinisha Giga

Supervisor(s): Dr G Maarman
Project Title: A novel study, investigating the effects of Rooibos Aspalathus linearis in a cardiomyoblast model of angiotensin-II induced hypertrophy and apoptosis​.

  • Herschelle-Lee Jager

Supervisor(s): Prof F Essop
Project Title: Exploring links between chronic stress and autophagy in the liver and heart.

  • Mohamed Sadam Parker

Supervisor(s): Dr M Blignaut and Prof B Huisamen 
Project Title: Evaluation of the mTOR and ATM signalling pathway in an in vitro differentiated C2C12 muscle cell model in response to E1CHA treatment.

  • Stephen Southway

Supervisor(s): Dr M Blignaut, Prof B Huisamen and Dr D van Vuuren
Project Title: Investigating Mitochondrial Dysfunction in vitro in the presence of oxidative stress and the absence of ATM.

  • Amy Pretorius

Supervisor(s): Dr K Gabuza, Prof R Johnson and Dr S Windvogel
Project Title: The establishment of a non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) in vitro model using 3T3L1-conditioned media and HepG2/C3A cells​.

  • Rachel Parker

Supervisor(s): Prof C Pheiffer, Dr S Dias and Dr S Adam
Project Title: Urinary microRNAs: A Potential Biomarker for Diabetes in Pregnancy​.

  • Marc Lipshitz

Supervisor(s): Dr J Sharma and Prof R Johnson​
Project Title: Evaluating ACE and AGT gene polymorphisms 
(SNPs) contributing to hypertension in an African population

  • Anique Wolmarans

Supervisor(s): Prof B Huisamen
Project Title:  Evaluation of muscle cellular growth and ATM signalling in response to a rooibos extract  (E1CHA) in male wistar rats. ​

  • Kaylee Losper

Supervisor(s): Prof F Essop
Project Title: Does chronic stress trigger the development of oxidative stress in rat spleen?

  • Jody Abrahams​

Supervisor(s): Prof H Strijdom, Dr Frans Everson and Dr I Webster
Project Title:​ Investigating the relationship between markers of endothelial function and retinal microvascular geometric morphology in an HIV-negative vs. HIV (on ART) Western Cape study population.  

  • Garth Wentley

Supervisor(s):Dr E Marais, Prof B Huisamen, Dr M Blignaut
Project Title:​ Evaluation of cellular growth and ATM signalling pathways in response to E1CHA in male Wistar rat adipose tissue.

  • K-Lee Jubber

Supervisor(s): Dr L Qulu
Project Title:​​ Does the Exogenous Administration of Oxytocin Decrease the Adverse Effects of Paclitaxel on Visceral Organs in an Animal Model?​

  • ​Joné van Niekerk
Supervisor(s): Dr S Dias, Prof C Pheiffer and Prof S Adam
Project Title:​ DNA methylation in peripheral blood: A potential biomarker for pregnancies complicated with diabetes. 

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