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Danelle BOTHA


Qualifications: BSc (Human Life Sciences; cum laude), BSc Hons (Medical Physiology, cum laude), MSc (Medical Physiology; cum laude).

Research Group:   Centre for Cardio-metabolic Research in Africa (CARMA).

Project: Investigating a potential role for ATM protein kinase in the ER stress response in cardiovascular pathology..

Supervisor: Prof B. Huisamen, Dr M. Blignaut, Dr D. Van Vuuren.

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Qualifications: MSc Biochemistry (distinction).

Research Group: Biomedical Research and Innovation Platform, Cardio-Metabolic group.

Research Project: Prevention of Doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity: A mechanistic study.​.

Supervisors: Prof R Johnson (SAMRC), Prof B Huisamen,  Dr L Mabasa (SAMRC) and Dr D van Vuuren.

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Qualifications: BSc Human Physiology (Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria), MSc Physiology (Kampala International University, Uganda)..

Research Group: Neuroscience.

Research Project: The Effects of Intergenerational Epigenetics of traumatic stress in a sexual defeat rat model.

Supervisors: Dr L Qulu and Prof SMJ Hemmings​.

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Qualifications: BSc Human Life Science (SU), BSc Hons Medical Physiology (SU) and MSc Medical physiology (SU, cum laude).

Research Group: Stellenbosch University Reproductive Research Group (SURRG).

Research Project: An Investigation into the Molecular Pathways through which Dopamine and Ritalin produce their effects in human sperm - an in vitro study.

Supervisor: Dr Bongekile Skosana, Co-supervisors: Prof Stefan Du Plessis and Dr Lihle Qulu​.​



Qualifications: BSc (Biology) in Human Life Sciences (SU); BSc Hons in Physiological Sciences (SU); MSc in Physiological Sciences (SU, cum laude).​

Research Group: Centre for Cardio-metabolic Research in Africa (CARMA).

Research Project: Investigating the effects of chronic stress on cardiovascular function.

Supervisors: Prof. MF Essop and Co-supervisors: Dr. D Joseph (SU) and Dr. M Vlok (SU).

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Qualifications: Bsc Medical Bioscience, BSc (Hons) Medical Bioscience (Cum Laude), MSc Nanoscience (Cum Laude).

Research Group: Centre for Cardio-metabolic Research in Africa (CARMA).

Research Project: The effect of particle therapy on tumour angiogenesis..
Supervisors: Prof. Hans Strjidom (SU), Dr. Amanda Genis (SU), Dr. Charlot Vandevoorde (iThemba Labs), Dr. Julie Bolcaen (iThemba Labs).

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Tembeka NYAWO

Research Group: 
Research Project: 
Supervisors: Dr C Pheiffer  (SAMRC), Prof R Johnson (SAMRC)​, Prof H Strijdom and Dr H Sadie-van Gijsen.