Division of​ Medical Ethics and Law​


ELSI:​ Publications

  • Moodley K, Beyer C. Tygerberg Research Ubuntu inspired Community Engagement (TRUCE) Model: Integrating Community Engagement into Genomic Biobanking.
     Biopreservation and Biobanking 2019. Click here for full text
  • ​Staunton C, Abayomi A, Bassa F, Moodley K. Negotiating requests for reimbursement for community engagement: challenges in developing an educational video for genomic biobanking research in South Africa. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics: 2019​ Click here for full text 
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  • Staunton, C., Tindana, P.,  Hendricks,M.,  Moodley, K. Rules of engagement: stakeholder perspectives on community engagement for genomic biobanking research in South Africa. BMC Medical Ethics 2018, 9:13- Click here for full text

Biobank:​ Publications

  • Staunton C, Moodley K. Data mining and biological sample exportation from South Africa: A new wave of bioexploitation under the guise of clinical care? (Editorial) SAMJ 2016; 106, (2):136-138 Click here for full text
  • Moodley K and Singh S. "It's all about trust": reflections of researchers on the complexity and controversy surrounding biobanking in South Africa. BMC Medical Ethics 2016; 17:57 Click here for full text
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  • Staunton C, Moodley K. Challenges in biobank governance in Sub- Saharan Africa. BMC Medical Ethics 2013; 14(35) : 1-8.Click here for full text