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​​CPD Activities

Biobanking and Genetic Research in Africa​ - click here

Annual Steve Biko Lecture September 2020​ - click here​

​10 February 2021 - Ethics Webinar: Phase 1 COVID Vaccine Rollout in SA: Ethical & Legal challenges​

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A series of 5 ethics talks by Professor Keymanthri Moodley

2 December 2020 - ​Ethics CPD Webinar: Pandemic lawsuits​

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4 November 2020 - Ethics CPD Webinar: Ethical dilemmas facing healthcare professionals in clinical practice and research during COVID-19

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30 September 2020 - Ethics CPD webinar: Immunity passport/certificates

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2 September 2020 - Ethics CPD webinar: Fair allocation of limited resources by Prof Keymanthri Moodley

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26 August 2020 - Ethics CPD webinar: Transitioning from medical ethics to public health ethics during COVID-19 by Prof Keymanthri Moodley

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29th October 2019- Prof George Agich

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POPIA Seminar 2018

11th October 2018

Prof Tana Pistorius from UNISA & Adv Johannes Collen Weapond from Information Regulator South Africa on the topic “What does the POPI Act mean for research & clinical medicine?”​

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Bioethics Lunchtime Seminar's 2018

01st October 2018

Prof Joseph-Mathews Mfutso-Bengo- College of Medicine in Malawi​ on the topic “Why moral capital investment matters in promoting & enforcing research integrity and governance in Africa?”​

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12th September 2018

A/Prof Sharon Kling (Tygerberg Hospital), Dr Michelle Meiring (Director of PaedsPal) & Ms Anita Kleinsmidt (Stellenbosch University) on the topic "Medical futility in terminally ill children: Who decides? The cases of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans​"

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17th May 2018

Prof Stuart Rennie from the UNC Center for Bioethics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on the topic" The ethics of medical assistance in dying (MAiD) in the case of mental illness".

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6th February 2018

Dr Ine Van Hoyweghen- University of Leuven, Belgium​ on the topic Precision Medicine and its “Infrastructures of Solidarity”: An ethical analysis of US and European precision medicine initiatives".


Bioethics Seminar 2017

The 5th​​ Annual Bioethics Seminar was held on ​Saturday, 22 April 2017 at the Spier Conference Centre in Stellenbosch . The seminar was attended by 75 health care professionals.

Topic & Speakers:

“Mom, I am NOT going for treatment!” – Issues in paediatric treatment refusal - Prof Sharon Kling & Prof Marianna Kruger

Protecting the vulnerable in society: Selected ethical dilemmas and legal framework-  Adv Dianna Pfaff & Prof Keymanthri Moodley​​​


Bioethics Seminar 2016

The 4th​​ Annual Bioethics Seminar was held on ​Saturday, 23 April 2016 at the Spier Conference Centre in Stellenbosch . The seminar was attended by 107 health care professionals.

Topic & Speakers:

Genomics & Ethics in medical practice: the role of clinicians in exome testing - Dr Mike Urban 

"Tweeting medical advice": how appropriate is social media for health related communication? - Prof Willie Pienaar 

Ethics in practice: challenging & perplexing scenarios -Prof Keymanthri Moodley


Bioethics Seminar 2015

The 3rd​​ Annual Bioethics Seminar was held on ​Monday, 20 April 2015 at the Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Tygerberg Campus. The seminar was attended by 164 health care professionals.

Topic & Speakers:

Healthcare worker duties and obligations during humanitarian crises: the WHO perspective- Dr Andreas Reis 

Do healthcare workers have a duty to care during humanitarian crises? A philosophical perspective  - Prof Anton Van Niekerk

Immunization during humanitarian crises: ethical challenges - Prof David Durrheim & Prof Keymanthri Moodley​


Bioethics Seminar 2014

The 2nd Annual Bioethics Seminar was held on ​Friday, 24 October 2014 at the Medical Research Council, Conference Centre, Auditorium in Parow​. The seminar was attended by 52 health care professionals.

Topic & Speakers:

HIV Cure Research in Children: An UpdateProf Mark Cotton

Pluralistic perspectives on Cure in Africa- Prof Keymanthri Moodley

African ​Philosophy: through the language and lenses of othersDr Malcolm de Roubaix

Empirical research on HIV Cure- Dr Ciara Staunton


Bioethics Seminar 2013

The 1st Annual Bioethics Seminar was held on ​Thursday, 30 May 2013 at Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Tygerberg Campus. The seminar was attended by 154 health care professionals.

Topics & Speakers:

Respecting patient autonomy Prof Keymanthri Moodley  
Enhancement: A sign of disenchantment - Prof Anton van Niekerk 
Euthanasia and the right to die with dignity: defining our humanity - Prof Sean Davison


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