Division of Medical Ethics and Law​


​Postgraduate Education - ​​Supervision of Postgraduate Students​




  • ​​PhD- Applied Ethics - University of Stellenbosch 

        Dissertation: Clinical ethics committees in South Africa: A critical appraisal of their role and functioning.

       Candidate: Prof Sharon Kling, Centre for Applied Ethics, Dept of Philosophy, University of Stellenbosch

  • ​PhD (Clinical & Research Ethics)- University of Stellenbosch ​

       Dissertation: Navigating the ethical challenges posed by pragmatic cluster randomised trials in less developed countries: the case of Malawi

       Candidate: Mrs Tiwonge Mtande

  • ​PhD (Clinical & Research Ethics)- University of Stellenbosch ​​​

       ​Dissertation: Applying the TRUCE model to assess barriers and enablers for ethical community engagement among Community

       Advisory Boards (CABs) and identified stakeholders in South Africa​

       Candidate: Mrs Neetha Morar 


  • ​PhD (Clinical & Research Ethics)- University of Stellenbosch 

        Dissertation: An ethical analysis of female adolescent sexual and reproductive healthcare and research in South Africa

        Candidate: A/Prof​ Theresea Burgess- University of Cape Town​

  • ​PhD (Clinical & Research Ethics)- University of Stellenbosch ​

       Dissertation: The ethical and legal challenges related to consent and transfer of data and biological samples in Zambia

       Candidate: Dr Victor Chalwe

  • ​PhD (Clinical & Research Ethics)- University of Stellenbosch ​

       Dissertation: Ethical, legal and social issues associated with return of results during genetics and genomics research in Uganda

       Candidate: A/Prof Joseph Ochieng


​PhD (Clinical & Research Ethics):

  • Prof Shenuka Singh, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Dissertation: Developing online educational modules on the ethical, legal and social issues related to biobanking – a resource tool for researchers, clinicians and REC members in South Africa​

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research Ethics:

  • Candidate: Advocate Jamwell Ma​​swanganyi, University of Stellenbosch.Topics: Is the reseacrcher-participant relationship in clinical research a contractual relationship? 2012
  • Candidate: Dr Geremew Tsegaye, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Developing standard operating procedures for biobanking at a Research Ethics Committee in Ethopia2012
  • Candidate: Dr Ronell Leech, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Complexities in biological sample use in research: perspectives of REC members in Gauteng 2012
  • Candidate: Sabina Luputa, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Extrapolating principles of corporate governance to research ethics committees: perspectives from Zambia2012
  • Candidate: Jane Nabbuto, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Advancing the ethics/science debate:An analysis of decision letters issued by an institutional research ethics committee in Uganda 2012
  • Candidate:Margaret Ellis, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Pharmacogenetic informed consent: perspectives from participants at private clinical research sites in Gauteng, South Africa 2012
  • Candidate: Dr Tina Malan, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Phase 3 oncology trials in South Africa: experimentation or therapeutic misconception 2013
  • Candidate: Dr Alwyn Mwinga, University of Stellenbosch; Topic: Engagement of communities and community advisory boards in clinal trials in Lusaka, Zambia: identification of best practices and lessons learned 2013
  • Candidate: Dr Sunita Potgieter, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Issues in Public Health Ethics: Advancing the public debate on the “low carbohydrate, high fat" dietary approach as a case study. 2014
  • Candidate: Mr George Chingarande, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: A comparative analysis of the compensation for research related injury policies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 2014
  • Candidate: Dr Christine Wasunna, University of Stellenbosch, Topic: Data sharing in international collaborative research in Africa  2013
  • Candidate: Dr Tyson Welzel, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Data sharing in medical research: beliefs and opinions of researchers utilising a research ethics committee in the Western Cape, South Africa. 2015
  • Candidate: Dr Shenuka Singh, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Policy and Ethical Considerations for an Institution-Based Small Scale Biobank. 2015
  • Candidate: Dr Gonasagrie Nair, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Evaluation of comprehension of an educational video about HIV Cure research among patients and caregivers from a HIV clinic in the Western Cape, South Africa and participants enrolled in an HIV acute infection study in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. 2015
  • Candidate: Dr Retha Visagie, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: A SOAR analysis as an innovative strategic framework for research ethics committees. 2015
  • Candidate: Melody Phiri-Shana, University of Stellenbosch. Topic: Use of Residual Bio-specimens in Research: Guidance for Zimbabwe. 2016



MPhil Applied Ethics- University of Stellenbosch

 Dissertation: Sufficient maturity in minors consenting to medical treatment

 Candidate: Christian Peters

MPhil Applied Ethics- University of Stellenbosch

Dissertation: A philosophical perspective of the ethical issues affecting the Zimbawe health care system

Candidate: Dr Farayi Moyana, Dental Surgeon, Harare, Zimbabwe

PhD - Applied Ethics - University of Stellenbosch

Dissertation: Reviewing the theory and practice of professional nursing ethics education in Namibia and South Africa.
​​Candidate: Mrs E.J. de Villiers, Centre for Applied Ethics, Dept of Philosophy, University of Stellenbosch

MPhil (Health Sciences Education) -​ University of Stellenbosch
Thesis: Teaching and assessment of clinical ethics and professionalism on ward rounds to undergraduate medical students at Stellenbosch University.
Candidate: Dr Louis Heyns, Dept of Paediatrics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stellenbsoch

Diploma in International Health Research Ethics - University of Cape Town
Practicum: Clinical Photography in Dentistry - Ethical Challenges
Candidate: Prof S. Naidoo, Dept of Community Dentistry, University of the Western Cape 

Masters in Human Nutrition - University of Stellenbosch
Thesis: Knowledge, beliefs and practices of dieticians and doctors in South Africa on the use of the internet in healthcare - A pilot study
Candidate: Baheya Najaar. Dept of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch

Masters in Family Medicine - University of Stellenbosch
Thesis: Informed Consent  - are patients adequately informed pre-operatively? Empirical research at a district hospital in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
Dr Clive Mogajane - Mfam Med student Dept of Family Medicine and Primary Care, School of Public Health, University of  Stellenbosch. Student graduated Mar 2009.

Masters in Family Medicine (MFam Med) - University of Stellenbosch
Thesis:HIV/AIDS Awareness amongst Black South African patients attending a  general practice in Guguletu, Western Cape, South Africa
Masters project of Dr C. F. Madikiza Dept of Family Medicine and Primary Care, School of Public Health, University of  Stellenbosch. Student graduated 2003.

Diploma in Research Ethics - University of Cape Town
Thesis: IRB's Monitoring Function: Guidelines for monitoring of clinical research by an IRB
Professor Lesley Burgess - TREAD Research Unit, Tygerberg Hospital and University of Stellenbosch. Student graduated 2004


  1. MPH thesis: "Stakeholder perceptions on the ethics of qualitative research in Ghana" - Prof Wassenaar  -  SARETI.(2009)
  2. MMedSc thesis: "Development of a pathology supported genetic test for improved clinical management of patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis"- Prof Kotze and Prof Janse van Rensburg, Dept of Chem Path.(2010)
  3. MPhil thesis: "Perception of research misconduct amongst obstetricians and gynaecologists in Nigeria"-Dr Theresa Rossouw, University of Pretoria (2011).​​