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Creating opportunities for reflection

*Let wel: hierdie blad is slegs in Engels beskikbaar. 

3.1 Enhancing student reflection



Blogs are internet-based sites created and maintained by individuals or groups of people for the purpose of sharing content or discussing specific topics. A blog site consists out of separate entries or posts, like the pages of a journal. The blog owner(s) creates and shares new posts on the site and followers (readers of the blog) can comment on and engage in discussions around the posts. Posts can contain various types of media including text, video/audio material or images.

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3.2 Enhancing student reflection

SUNLearn e-portfolios


An e-portfolio is an electronic collection of carefully selected information that serves as evidence of the owner's learning journey, competencies etc. These portfolios can be created through different platforms, commercial tools or open source applications. E-portfolios created on the Mahara platform in SUNLearn cannot be accessed by persons outside of the university, thus depending on the purpose of the e-portfolio you may need to use a different platform.

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