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​As a part of our mandate to enhance the professionalisation of the teaching role at SU, the CTL currently offers five internal, SU-accredited short courses free of charge to SU staff and one peer-facilitation course to SU students.

The Assessment short course is a semester-long SU short course aligned to the revised Assessment Policy (2021), supporting assessment that promotes student learning. During the short course, participants work through a facilitated process of thinking and deliberating, evaluating, and formulating the assessment strategies for their own modules, with a view of enabling them to design assessments that are learning-centred (SU Teaching & Learning Policy, 2018) and support a transformative student experience (SU Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019-2024).   

The short course Artificial Intelligence (AI) in teaching-learning-assessment (TLA) offers participants the opportunity to reimagine their TLA in the age of easily accessible generative AI tools. It addresses questions such as: How can we redefine our teaching role? How can we preserve the productive struggle in our learning opportunities? Are our assessment opportunities AI-resilient?

The CTL also offers the annual Professional Educational Development for Academics (PREDAC) short course for newly appointed academics at Stellenbosch University. . PREDAC is an official SU short course aimed at the professional educational development for academics in their teaching role. 

The Scholarship of Educational Leadership (SoEL) short course focuses on both leadership in and scholarship of teaching-learning-assessment (TLA). The idea is that we grow a critical mass of TLA leaders at SU which is in line with the professionalisation of the teaching role as described in the draft SU Teaching-Learning Policy (2023). The short course draws on two bodies of knowledge: Academic Leadership (AL) and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and aims to bring conceptual frameworks from these two bodies of knowledge into dialogue with each other. These conceptual frameworks offer participants theoretical lenses through which to interrogate and reflect on their own practices as educational leaders. The SoEL short course takes a broad view of Educational Leadership practice and includes other supporting practices namely reflection, change management, innovation and contextual awareness. Participants in the short course are one senior academic per faculty per cohort and participation is via nomination by the Vice Dean (T&L) of each faculty.

The objective of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) short course is to assist teaching academics to conceptualise and design a SoTL research study. Participants will learn how to refine their research questions, consult literature, use educational theory as a lens, design an appropriate methodology and to gather and interpret d​ata. Participants will be able to translate this into a clear and comprehensive draft ​proposal that adheres to Stellenbosch University's ethical and institutional permission principles.

​The Peer-Facilitation of Learning short course is the only CTL short course aimed at students. It is an institutional standardised training short course that can be accessed by all peer facilitators who have been formally appointed by faculties across the university. This course may be used to supplement any training that already exists in faculties or may be used to formally train peer facilitators for faculties. This is a fully online training short course. The course is registered and approved as a co-curriculum offering at SU. 

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