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Lawrence Meda & Arthur James Swart (2017) Analysing learning outcomes in an Electrical Engineering curriculum using illustrative verbs derived from Bloom’s Taxonomy, European Journal of Engineering Education, DOI: 10.1080/03043797.2017.1378169
Abstract: Learning outcomes are essential to any curriculum in education, where they need to be clear, observable and measurable. However, some academics structure learning outcomes in a way that does not promote student learning. The purpose of this article is to present the analyses of learning outcomes of an Electrical Engineering curriculum offered at a University of Technology in South Africa, in order to determine if academics are structuring them in a way that enables student learning. A qualitative case study is used where the learning outcomes from 33 study guides are reviewed using illustrative verbs derived from Bloom’s Taxonomy. Results indicate that 9% of all the learning outcomes are unclear, 10% are unobservable and 23% are unmeasurable. A key recommendation is to provide regular workshops to assist academics in reviewing their learning outcomes using the illustrative verbs derived from Bloom’s Taxonomy, thereby ensuring that their learning outcomes promote student learning.