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Science Café Stellenbosch is an initiative of the Faculty of Science at Stellenbosch University to promote the public discussion of science.

The aim of a Science Café is to bridge the gap between science and the general public by entering into a conversation in a non-academic environment, like a restaurant or café. There are already hundreds of Science Cafés all over the world.

Prof Louise Warnich, dean of the Faculty of Science at SU, says a Science Café is the ideal opportunity to involve the public in conversations about science: "Scientists have a responsibility to communicate the findings of their research, but we have an even greater responsibility to engage with the general public, and that in a language that everyone can understand."

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Programme for Science Café at Woordfees 2018

Discussions are led by: Dave Pepler

What does the next 100 years have in stall for us?

We are in the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. However, our modern Western lifestyle shows an alarming increase in lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Can new revolutionary medical techniques guarantee 'designer babies' and a disease free future? Come have a look at the next 100 years in the company of Science Café Stellenbosch. For more information, click on the individual topics.

Monday 5 March, 18:30 (50 min), The Plataan, Free

What does the 4th industrial revolution have in stall for us?

With: Eugene Cloete (SU Vice-rector: Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies), Willem Visser (computer specialist) and Bruce Watson (artificial intelligence specialist)

Tuesday 6 March, 18:30 (50 min), The Plataan, Free

Sugar and stress: here comes trouble

With: Endocriniologist Graham Ellis (Synexus) and Anna-Mart Engelbrecht (cancer), Theo Nell (metabolic syndrome) and Resia Pretorius (heart disease), researchers at the Department of Physiological Sciences at SU

Wednesday 7 March, 18:30 (50 min), The Plataan, Free

The genetic manipulation of human embrios

With: Anton van Niekerk (bioethics specialist) and Louise Warnich (geneticist)

Thursday 8 March, 18:30 (50 min), SU Botanical Gardens, Free

Back in the present

We have to make time to appreciate the present. Dave Pepler gesels oor sy ervarings in die woude van Afrika en lig die sluier oor van die uitsonderlike plante in die US se Botaniese Tuin se versameling en hoe hulle daar gekom het.


Well-known nature lover Dave Pepler in conversation with scientists Lester Davids, Jannie Hofmeyr and Gideon Wolfaardt about the evolution of skin colour, the wonder of the human cell, and your own personal microbiome at a previous Woordfees.