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Inspired by mathematics

Growing up in Vangaindrano in the south east of Madagascar, it was the precision and rigorousness of... Read more ›

The search for knowledge and...

There is much in the hard sciences that we do not understand or may never know. Read more ›

BSc lecturers: inspiring, challenging...

Three lecturers from the Department of Mathematical Sciences were lauded for their inspirational lectures... Read more ›

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Applied Mathematics, Mathematics
Biochemistry, Biochemistry Biochemistry 
Botany and Zoology, Botany and Zoology Botany and Zoology 
Chemistry and Polymer Science, Chemistry and Polymer ScienceChemistry and Polymer Science
Computer Science, Science
Earth Sciences, Earth SciencesEarth Sciences
Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical SciencesMathematical Sciences
Microbiology, MicrobiologyMicrobiology
Physics, Physics Physics 
Physiological Sciences, Physiological Sciences Physiological Sciences