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Are we still using plants for medicine?

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”I'm in my element working in nature”

Dewidine van der Colff decided in her Grade 10 year that she wanted to work in nature, even though she... Read more ›

2014 Faculty of Science Annual Report

The Faculty of Science at Stellenbosch University is respected within South Africa, Africa and the... Read more ›

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Applied Mathematics, Mathematics
Biochemistry, Biochemistry Biochemistry 
Botany and Zoology, Botany and Zoology Botany and Zoology 
Chemistry and Polymer Science, Chemistry and Polymer ScienceChemistry and Polymer Science
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Earth Sciences, Earth SciencesEarth Sciences
Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical SciencesMathematical Sciences
Microbiology, MicrobiologyMicrobiology
Physics, Physics Physics 
Physiological Sciences, Physiological Sciences Physiological Sciences