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​​​​​​​​​Tygerberg Internasionaal​

​​Internasionale nagraadse studente

Internasionale nagraadse studente aan die Fakulteit Geneeskunde en Gesondheidswetenskappe kan vir een van twee opsies inskryf:

  1. ​​Internasionale nagraadse student in 'n volledige graadprogram​ (Meesters of MPhil in Geneeskunde)
  2. Internasionale nagraadse student vir elektiewe opleiding​ (besoekende kliniese assistent)

NB! Doctors who hold a qualification in Osteopathic Medicine are not eligible for the programmes because the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) does not accept this qualification.


Nadat u u opleiding as internasionale nagraadse student afgehandel het, word u by alle US-alumni ingereken, wat beteken dat u by 'n lewenskragtige internasionale gemeenskap aansluit.​​

I sought this experience to step outside of my comfort zone, to learn how others tackle the challenges we face in Emergency Medicine, to meet colleagues and like minded individuals in a different part of the world, to learn, to open my perspectives and to feel motivated. I can say that each of these have been achieved with plenty of smiles and laughter thrown into the mix of some hard work and organisation - this is thanks to each of you. Dr Amar Mashru, EM Dr ,UK
The surgery department gave me a warm welcome and gave me a lot of opportunities to make the most of this experience. The gained knowledge and skills will be of great value for the rest of my professional career. Dr Kaij Treskes, Trauma Surgeon, Netherlands​