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Thuthuka Stellenbosch celebrates 15 years of success in style

Thuthuka is a transformation initiative of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) aimed at encouraging previously disadvantaged learners in schools to pursue a career in the Chartered Accountancy (CA) field. “Thuthuka" is a Zulu word that means “to develop" and it aims to transform South Africa's business leadership.

The bursary fund is aimed at increasing the entry numbers and improving the pass rates of African and Coloured university students following the CA(SA) path by providing them with financial support and addressing their needs through comprehensive support programmes.

The Thuthuka programme at Stellenbosch University has three main components that focus on the student:

  • Academic support during the student's study career
  • Life skills that are taught in the residence, workshops and practical work experience at auditing firms.
  • Serving as part of community service projects in the School of Accountancy and Matie Community Service.

Stellenbosch Thuthuka started in 2007 with 20 first-year students. The programme grew to include almost 100 students each year from first year to PGDA.

The Stellenbosch Thuthuka Society hosted a formal event to celebrate our 15-year anniversary in the form of a gala dinner and dance: Night at the Oscars. The guest speaker of the evening was Uwais Asma​l, a former Stellenbosch University student, and now, as a CA(SA), he is the head of advisory services at Outsourced CFO. Uwais is a social media influencer on platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube and Clubhouse. He shared his journey with the students and gave valuable tips on study and exam technique.

We look back over the past 15 years with great gratification – knowi​ng that the Stellenbosch Thuthuka programme has made a difference in many students' lives, as well the lives of their families and communities. Seeing the majority of our students becoming well-rounded CA(SA)'s makes us proud and thankful to be part of this programme.

A huge thank you to SAICA, Stellenbosch University, the Economic and Management Science Faculty and especially all the staff of the School of Accountancy who work together in the best interest of our students to make the Stellenbosch Thuthuka programme a success. 

Night at the Oscars memories​


PGDA 2022

Third-years 2022​​

Second years 2022

First years 2022​​​


Guest speaker: Uwais Asmal

MC’s: Luciano Visagie and Mikayla Sprout

Red carpet welcoming

Community Service 2021

For this year's community service project the Thuthuka Society group leaders took upon the initiative of organising an interactive food drive. Members of the society donated non-perishable food items, which was also their “ticket" to enter a live-streamed indoor workout hosted by HIIT FIT. Initially, a costume run was planned, but due to bad weather there needed to be a change of plan. The live workout session was held on 29 May 2021 via MS Teams, where participants also entered a best-dressed competition competing for some awesome prizes. The purpose of this project was to help Clay Foundation, a non-profit association based in Idas Valley (Stellenbosch), that is focused on nutrition, education, and sports. ​

Pictures of the food drive and handover to the Clay Foundation members 

Here are some of the students who participated in the indoor workout and costume competition.  


Society Social (2021)

Due to unfortunate circumstances because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Thuthuka group had their first semester social online. The group leaders hosted an online trivia and games night in which Thuthukans had the opportunity to get to know each other as well as test their general knowledge. The event was a huge success as it was filled with so much laughter and joy.​

First years welcoming week 2021

Written by Dylan Saville the Head Mentor of 2021

We had our first event with the newcomers on Friday, 5 March 2021 at the Jan Marais Nature Reserve Park. As this was our first event, we had two icebreakers to get to know each other and we had a tower building game with toilet paper, spaghetti etc. in a form of a relay to keep it Covid-19 friendly.

The purpose of the game was to test communication skills and how to work in a team. At the start of the event, everyone had to choose a smartie, and those with the same smartie colour was in a team. This event was truly successful as many of the newcomers came to me and their respective mentors to thank us for the event and the amazing energy that was present.

 After the game, we embarked on an 'Amazing walk'. Each mentor with their respective mentees walked around the Stellenbosch campus to show the mentees around the campus (where which building is, etc.) and to build relationships with each other. We had 5 specific buildings that were our aim – the buildings where the students will attend most of their classes. At each building, a group leader was present to share a brief background on the building with the mentees.

Afterwards, we all met at the Botanical Gardens where we were joined by the Project Managers to conclude the event.

It was an amazing day filled with so much positive energy! I, my fellow mentors and the group leaders and most importantly the newcomers thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our second event was held on Friday, 26 March 2021 at the Jan Marais Nature Reserve Park once again due to the Covid-19 open ventilation policy we had to adhere to. This event was once again in the form of a game. An egg-drop challenge.

 Each mentor group competed against one another. They were supplied with materials to plan a way to prevent the egg from ultimately breaking when being dropped or played with. This tested their ability to think critically and on their feet, as they had limited time to complete the challenge. 2 teams out of the 6's egg did not break and was therefore joint-winners.

Furthermore, following a short break, there was once again a small challenge. A lip-sync challenge. A representative of each mentor group drew a song to lip-sync out of a hat. This was extremely fun and to see everyone let loose and enjoy themselves was a joy!

It is safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves as every single one participated in the challenge. One of our group leaders even performed a dance for us which was extremely fun and beautiful to witness.​

Stellenbosch Thuthuka Society

The Thuthuka society leaders for 2021 are:

Group leaders:

  • Shehaam February (chairperson)
  • Alexander Coghlan (vice-chairperson, social portfolio)
  • Ethan Gedult (treasurer, social portfolio)
  • Aashiqah Salie (secretary, academic portfolio)
  • Sonique Constable (community service portfolio)
  • Siyamthanda Msibi (community service portfolio)

First-year committee mentors:

  • Dylan Saville (Head Mentor)
  • Mikayla Sprout
  • Jo-Anne Dhlamini
  • Amy Isaacs
  • Tatum Jantjies
  • William Villet

Going online

Welcoming 2021

Unfortunately, we were still stuck with the COVID-pandemic in 2021. We usually have an in-person welcoming event for our new first-years and their parents. Due to COVID, we had to make an alternative plan. With everyone adapting to the new normal of having almost everything done online we jumped on the bandwagon with this trend and took it up a notch. For the first time, we managed to arrange a simultaneous online and in-person welcoming. You would wonder how we did this. So, we invited our first-years together with their parents to campus to do our normal induction and contract signing. Due to capacity regulations and needing to comply with COVID protocols, we split the group having the first-years in one venue and their parents in another venue. We live-streamed our event via MS Teams, where the event was attended by various School of Accountancy staff, SAICA representatives and parents who could not attend in person. We projected the Teams meeting in both venues for the first-years and parents to interact with the people online. The lecturers from the School of Accountancy introduced themselves virtually and we had an address to the students from a SAICA representative online as well. Overall, the event was a great success as we received good feedback for our initiative. ​

Graduation 2020

Thuthuka history was made when we held our first virtual Graduation function in 2020. Although many of the graduates, particularly first-time graduates, were looking forward to an in-person graduation function, circumstances however did not allow this. Each year Thuthuka hosts a small celebratory function for our BAcc and BAccHons graduandi and their parents before the official graduation ceremony. In 2020 things however, needed to be done differently. As we could not host an event in person, and with the university also hosting a virtual graduation ceremony, we have decided that we would still like to do something special for our students. We arranged a special virtual graduation for our students, their parents and a few esteemed guests. During the event, we virtually “handed over" certificates and we asked the graduates to submit a short video of their Thuthuka journey, which we also played for the viewers. ​​

Beach Day 2020

On 8 February 2020, the society took a trip to Strand Beach and spent the day facing the infinite blue sky with promising sunshine as their first social, which included a meal for energy to wrestle the waves. The outing was a successful event as over 80 students managed to rise early and get on the bus to secure a spot on the beach. There were many things to do on the beach for all the members. Everyone had the choice of either swimming, playing games or sports on the beach.​


First years welcoming week 2020

Written by the Mentors of 2020

Our goal as the Thuthuka bursary fund mentors of 2020 was to bring our first years into our family and mainly to establish relationships between them. Our first day of our welcoming week was well planned. We planned an obstacle course, which is by now a Thuthuka tradition. Our goal here was to create an opportunity for our first years to work as a team and really to get to know each other. On the second day we had an information session. Which was mainly to share with our first years what they can expect while being at University. We placed a lot of emphasis on academics, but also touched on subjects such as how to balance your life at university. The third day of our welcoming week program we had an amazing race around the campus. Our first years really enjoyed the amazing race, the riddles they had to solve was difficult, but each team got to the finish line. On our last day of welcoming week, we planned a fashion show. The first years were also very creative with their designs, we had some impressive models and a dance done by one of our contestants, who we thought was very talented. We were very proud of how our first years could work together as a team, everyone helped with their designs and we could really see that they were becoming close, which after all is our goal.

Throughout the week we taught our first years, their “first year song", which they performed at our first group meeting. Although it is a very embarrassing moment to sing in front of people you hardly know, our first years were very confident even if most of them forget their dance moves. Overall, we as mentors are proud to say that we had successfully achieved our goal. Our first years stick together, we see them around campus, we see them help each other, and that was what our first week together was about. We created a space for them to get to know one another, and we can see that long-lasting friendships have been built.​

Stellenbosch Thuthuka Society

The Thuthuka society leaders for 2020 are:

Group leaders:

  • Tshepang Mateta (chairperson)
  • Ntsako Maluleke (vice-chairperson, academic portfolio, media)
  • Nokukhanya Dube (treasurer, social portfolio)
  • Tyrique Thomas (secretary, social portfolio)
  • Caleb Matthews (community service portfolio)
  • Ishmael Marungisa (community service portfolio)

First-year committee mentors:

  • Haamidah Mowzer (chairperson)
  • Micaela Faro (vice-chairperson)
  • Elaine Mathobela (treasurer)
  • Inge Houlies
  • Nikita Daniels
  • Juan van der Westhuizen

Stellenbosch Thuthuka Society – News & Events

The Thuthuka group was quite excited about the events they had planned for the coming year. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these plans had to be put on hold. This however did not stop our Thuthukans from using their initiative and creativity to come up with an alternative plan. The group leaders for 2020 came up with the idea to start a social media page to motivate their fellow Thuthukans during this time. Follow them on Instagram for news and updates on what the Society is up to. ​

Graduation 2019


Back row f.l.t.r: Shanice Cyster, Tammy Minnaar, Namelani Dlamini, Curtley Olyn, Bradley Tito, Aamina Bardien, Nomalungelo Kunene & Amy Jansen.

Front row f.l.t.r: Betty Abrahams  (SAICA), Ilse Frans, Prof. Kobus van Schalkwyk, Sybil Smit, Amber de Laan & Gail Fortuin.

Back row f.l.t.r: Tebogo Mabusha, Khanyisile Zulu, Siphesihle Ngema, Collins Mathebula, Vumani Nkomombini, Hingis Hoop, Dhilshaad Adonis, Du-Wayne Slamet & Felicia Mafa.

Front row f.l.t.r: Betty Abrahams  (SAICA), Ilse Frans, Prof. Kobus van Schalkwyk, Sybil Smit, Amber de Laan & Gail Fortuin.

Student Highlights 2019

Siphesihle Ngema, Felicia Mafa & Vumani Nkomombini graduated cum laude.

We are very proud of Bradley Tito and Curtley Olyn, who were ranked 16th and 19th in the CTA class, respectively.

Curtley Olyn, as well as another 2019 CTA student, Melanie Jacobs will join the Stellenbosch University staff as academic trainees in 2020. Both are very dedicated students and great ambassadors of the values of Thuthuka.


Skills development

A key aspect of the Stellenbosch Thuthuka programme is to encourage Thuthukans to participate in activities and initiatives that develop their professional and personal skills to ensure that a well-rounded professional enters the profession.

Vele Bongwe represented Stellenbosch University at a Summer school program at Kuhne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg, Germany for a two-week period. Most of the students at KLU are doing their post-graduate studies in Logistics, Supply Chain and Business Management. She attended a short course on digitalisation presented by different professors from the host university.

Vele describes Hamburg as a beautiful city with fantastic public transport. She learnt some German to make communication a little bit easier. Vele said that the weather in Hamburg caught her off-guard: “Hamburg weather is the same as that of Stellenbosch. I went during summer, but all my days in Hamburg there was nothing summer about it. It was full of unexpected rains and cold wind." Vele says that being a Summer school participant was a life-changing experience and that she came back a different person.


Social events

The social portfolio includes the organising of social events for the Thuthuka students, from watching movies to ice-skating. The final social activity for 2019 took place at the Grand West Ice-Skating rink on 27 July, where we could all skate together while listening to some great music and having a good laugh. At the end of this event, it showed that even though there were people who didn't know how to skate, they tried and did not give up! When someone fell, Thuthuka students helped one another to get back up again and to carry on skating. It was beautiful to see how people helped one another. The quote of the day came from Raymond Mwebe (who was more down on the ice than up) when he said: “Ice-skating is just like BAcc – if you fall down, you just have to get up and try again".

Academic portfolio

The first academic prize giving of 2019 served to recognise Thuthuka students (including pilot students) who performed well, based on their final results of 2018. Since the awards were based on 2018 results, the first years of 2019 were not eligible for any awards.

The second prize giving recognised Thuthuka students who performed well during the first semester of 2019. The awards are based on the progress marks of the first semester and are received by all year groups including honours students. Students were awarded with certificates along with a special award sponsored by Mazars.

The prize giving motivates all Thuthuka students to work hard, and it further encourages students who are achieving good grades to maintain these high academic standards. It also recognizes and awards students' academic achievements and efforts and inspires them to continue doing well.

One of the group leaders wrote the following in their year-end report: “I have learnt how to work well under pressure. I also learnt how to plan my time and meeting deadlines accordingly. As students we are used to being told what to do, how and when, however I noticed with my portfolio that the project managers had little involvement, which taught me how to make rational decisions on my own and take full responsibility for my portfolio".


Community service– May 2019: Charity Fun Run

The Thuthuka group decided to have a fun run to raise funds, by means of registration fees and contributions, to donate to charity. The fun run was open to all Thuthuka students as well as the public. The total distance of the run was 5.5km. Water sachets, an apple and something sweet were given at the finishing point as participants were asked to bring their own refreshments. Positive feedback was received immediately by the participants, who said they love the initiative. Some people also offered to help organize the event in the future, while others wanted to have such a run every term. The event was a great initiative, and everyone participated in the event, even if they were walking. Not only were they doing good by signing up for the event, but they were also having a great group activity do with friends whilst being active.


First-year committee

Welcoming week is the Thuthuka orientation week where we connect with the newcomers on the bursary. The week started with a formal session where we welcomed the newcomers with their parents and/or guardians present. This was an information session about the bursary and the society. The week was filled with team-building activities, activities for newcomers to get to know each other better, an amazing race around the campus and informative sessions on what to expect for the year to come. We also taught them a new Thuthuka song that they later sang to the society at the first group meeting. At the end of the week they were assigned a mentor as a form of additional support. The event presented a space for the newcomers to connect with each other, the group leaders as well as the mentors.

On the 3rd of May the first-year committee held a braai day event that was aimed at creating an environment for the newcomers to connect with each other as well as their respective mentors. On the day they played games such as 30 seconds, cards, dominoes and we had an icebreaker to start off the event which was an elimination race. The newcomers we able to have fun and take a break from academics.


On 2 August a self-reflection event was held. The purpose was to find out how the first years were coping, their adjustment to the Stellenbosch University environment and what challenges they had faced over the past semester. The aim was to allow them to think about how their perspective about life and academics has changed since they have been in university. This was done for them to see how much they have grown and see how their behaviour has also changed. There was also a discussion about their academic performance and how they feel towards the degree now that they have had a feel of what it is like. With this event we wanted to create a safe place for first years, which allowed them to be vulnerable with their emotions and to share their difficulties or good times with the rest of the group. We also wanted to make them realise that they are not alone and that there are a lot of structures in place that are available when they need help. The session was very well planned, and the facilitators did a great job in maintaining the workshop and ensuring that it runs smoothly. Every student listened attentively as others were sharing their experiences. The mentors also shared their experiences to show the first years that being vulnerable is not a weakness, which made it easier for them to feel safe and be more willing to speak. The workshop clearly showed us as mentors how much the first years have grown over the first semester of university, and which of them still need help. Overall, the event reinforced the importance of Thuthuka in their lives and instilled pride within them​.

Stellenbosch Thuthuka Society

Stellenbosch Thuthuka has a formally registered university society to implement community outreach and team-building events. The students take responsibility and arrange all activities on their own.

The values of leadership and serving your local community is an important goal of the Stellenbosch Thuthuka Society. Our Thuthuka Society is run by the students. The Thuthuka First Year Committee was established in 2018 to facilitate the transition from school to a new student at Stellenbosch University. The mentors help the students through peer support with the normal adjustment struggles, as well as additional help for the added feeling of social, cultural and economic difference.

The group leaders for 2019 were:

  • Dhilshaad Adonis (chairperson)
  • Siphesihle Ngema (vice-chairperson, academic portfolio)
  • Abdurazak De Jongh (treasurer, community service portfolio)
  • Carmen Arendse (secretary, social portfolio)
  • Marona Hopane (media, social portfolio)
  • Brent Pontac (media, community service portfolio)

The first-year committee for 2019 consisted of:

  • Akhona Gqiyaza (chairperson)
  • Hingis Hoop (vice-chairperson)
  • Tshepang Mateta (treasurer)
  • Nonkukhanya Dube
  • Ntsako Maluleke
  • Ismail Marungisa​

Lungelo Ngobese presents at the Student Leadership Sum​mit  - October 2018

(excerpt from the official SAICA press release)

Through SLS, SAICA reminds chartered accountancy students that leadership is not determined by your title or your technical expertise, but rather by your ability to uphold your values no matter the resistance you may face. SLS does this by inviting students around the country to apply their minds to issues of national and professional importance. They think about how, as young professionals, they can use their skills to help solve these issues.

 Lungelo Ngobese made Stellenbosch Thuthuka very proud as he clinched the winning spot for his insightful and solution-driven essay detailing the contributions chartered accountants must make to improve the communities from which they come.  When it came to selecting the winner, the judges' choice was unanimous. Lungelo's thought leadership piece was so solution-driven and well-thought out, that they all knew they had found the winner upon reading his essay.

The summit included workshops hosted by Deloitte on how to pitch a business idea, business innovation and encouragement to 'just do it'. The finalists were given the opportunity to question what leadership means and were challenged to commit to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as developed by the UN.​

Magneil Isaacs pays​ it forward in his community


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Dis my visie elke keer wanneer ek terugploeg in my gemeenskap."


Magneil Isaacs is a Thuthukan who already lives the Thuthuka mantra of “Pay it forward". He is from Cloetesville in Stellenbosch and in his experience, there were not many positive models for him to emulate as he embarked on his academic journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. Therefore, he started a mentorship programme where he offers his support to two learners who live in Cloetesville. He specifically helps them with mathematics and accounting homework - it offers them a positive model and motivation to endure in spite of the circumstances. He enjoys finding ways to communicate mathematics and accounting principles in a way that they can understand and apply it more efficiently. 


Deloitte Jackets

We received a generous donation of branded jackets from Deloitte to mark our milestone 10 years of Stellenbosch Thuthuka. We are wearing our tops with pride on campus. Initiatives like this one contributes to the Thuthukans' feeling of belonging to a network and community. It is an expression of our unity.  ​


International Trips – July 2018

A key aspect of the Stellenbosch Thuthuka programme is to encourage Thuthukans to participate in activities and initiatives that develop their professional and personal skills to ensure that a well-rounded professional enters the chartered accountancy profession once they graduate. The Thuthuka students below proudly share their travel adventures as successful applicants of the international exchange programmes.


King's College Summer School Experience

Written by: Siphesihle Ngema 

In July this year, I had the opportunity to study a short summer course at King's College London in the UK. During my three-week stay in London, I was able to study in and explore the awe-inspiring city of London and the experience was nothing short of amazing, especially because it was my first time out of South Africa. It was without doubt one of the most liberating and phenomenal experiences of my life, through which I was able to engage in the topic of International Business at one of the world's top 25 universities, King's College. 


The course that I studied enabled us to broaden our knowledge of international business, politics, and finance and to gain insight on business events occurring all around the world. I managed to make incredible friends from all around the world and during our free time, we explored London's landmarks together, tried out different foods, went shopping and took loads of pictures. We visited attractions such as the London Eye, London Bridge, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, British Museum, The Shard, Monument and Sky Garden Lounge. We shopped at London's Oxford Street, visited a number of markets and we took the Thames River Cruise which were all breath-taking and definitely worth every pound spent.


I am truly grateful to my mother and the SU International Office for making this possible for me, and I highly appreciate the support and well wishes that I received from the Thuthuka Project managers, my family and my friends. I would definitely encourage every student to apply to study abroad because it is indeed a great way to learn, travel and to grow. ​

Summer school visit to University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Written by: Tori Minnaar


I was selected to attend the summer school exchange to the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and it was an enriching experience that no one will ever be able to take away from me, it is something I truly feel fortunate enough to have done. I made incredible memories and lasting friendships. I would highly encourage everyone to do something similar, sometime in their life.


I chose to do the course on “The Entrepreneurial Mindset", which was more of a self-discovering journey and helped you to understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as entrepreneurial skills that you will be able to use one day to start your own business. We spoke a lot about things that people are generally too afraid to speak about, like your fears, failures and risks. The course was presented in a circle setup that was more interactive than what I am used to at Stellenbosch. It had a lot less people, which allowed you to be more comfortable to speak about certain topics with other people and the professor. I found the course very interesting, quite different and I really enjoyed it.


We got the opportunity to go to Venice, Lake Bled and we visited the most beautiful gorges and waterfalls. On the first evening, we had an international evening, which gave you a chance to get to know someone else's culture and basic knowledge about food and drinks from each country. We had a tour of the city, a historical Slovenian evening, neon light party, salsa dancing and many more fun planned events hosted by the university.


It was weird being back, in the sense that I was different but everything here was still the same. My perspective on many things changed. Mainly things like cultural differences and people and how to approach them or how to not get offended and to realize that we all come from different backgrounds and that judging is not always the easiest way out.


Overall, my experience was worth all the stress, additional grey hair, tireless nights and endless emails for funding. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who made this dream a reality!

It is true what they say, once the travel bug bites you, it really does bite you and I honestly cannot wait to go abroad again!​


Prize giving – March and July 2018

This initiative has raised the bar for academic performance amongst the Thuthukans due to the healthy competition it creates since its introduction two years ago. The first academic prize giving held in March 2018 recognises Thuthuka students who performed well during 2017. The second prize giving, held in July 2018, acknowledged their 2018 mid-year performance. 

Costume Party - July 2018

We were very excited while planning the long awaited costume party. In 2017 we had the first Thuthuka formal dance and we decided to continue this as an annual activity but to change the theme to be a bit more sociable and relaxed. We had great fun as we danced together, laughed and sang karaoke. We all really relaxed and the different year groups continued to hang out after the party ended because we enjoyed each other's company so much. This was a really fun team-building activity. Congratulations to the prize-winners for wearing creative, interesting and thought provoking outfits. A special shout-out to Ms Meyer, project co-ordinator for bringing the IFRS textbook to life. ​

Community Service Initiative – May 2018

This year we planned to implement a community service initiative, which would have visible outcomes and long-term benefit to the recipients. Since Stellenbosch Thuthuka is an academic society, we place importance on academic achievement and hard work. We decided to contribute to recruitment by aiding Grade 12 learners with their online applications. More particularly we focused on pupils with good potential, the correct university entry requirements and those from under-resourced schools and communities, who face daily obstacles in accessing tools and resources to start and complete an online application. We wanted to expose these pupils to Stellenbosch University, which they did not consider as an option for tertiary education before. We collaborated with Nathaniel Japhta, a Stellenbosch University alumnus who formed the Pro 226 Africa; Stellenbosch University Department of Student Access; the Finance Department; and FHARGA computer labs to rollout the project.

Pupils were pre-selected from The Leadership College in Mannenberg, Stellenzicht High in Grassy Park, Heideveld High and Cloetesville High. Members of the Pro 226 Africa non-profit organisation also joined in.


The pupils arrived on campus early on the morning of 12 May 2018. There was an introductory presentation in the Van der Sterr building by Janicke Dill (Student Affairs). After Janicke presented, we then went to Fharga in the Neelsie, where Ilze Gelderblom from the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences Student Affairs office lead the application process step-by-step with the students. Each Thuthuka student was paired with a pupil to help him or her. We are very grateful that the application fee per student was waivered in order to remove the financial and administration burden from the students.


After the application process, we shared a meal and spent time together. The meal was donated by Minister Albert Fritz of the Western Cape Department of Social Development. We did a campus tour to familiarise pupils with the facilities and to ignite excitement about their forthcoming tertiary career. Dhilshaad Adonis, who matriculated from the Leadership Academy, addressed the pupils to inspire and motivate them to remain focused on their goal to gain university entrance.


We have learnt that a number of these applicants received notice of their provisional acceptance to Stellenbosch University and this gives us great pleasure! ​

Hike - February 2018

On the 10th of February, we hosted a hike at Coetzenburg. This was a chance for the first-years to meet their seniors and socialise with them in the scenic environment of Stellenbosch. This encouraged peer relations across the year groups who do not usually have opportunities to meet. It is beneficial for the first-years because they get a view of the next few years and see what they are working towards more concretely. We enjoyed a meal together at the dam and sang all the way. We really enjoyed each other's company. ​

Group Meetings

Every month we hold a group meeting to update everyone on activities and plans. We usually have an influential and inspiring guest speaker and we were privileged to host Rushdie Salie, trainee at EY, at one of the group meetings. Rushdie shared her experiences as she entered the working world. The students gained insights into the importance of consistent hard work and the opportunities that await if they stay committed to the programme. She encouraged the students to go for their dreams and to work hard in life for what they most desire. ​

The First Year Portfolio - a new approach to supporting 

From her own experience as a first-year and then her experience while serving as a group leader in 2017, Shanice Cyster understood the difficulties associated with the transition of starting as a new student at Stellenbosch University. There are the usual factors linked to the jump from school to university, but for some there is an added feeling of social, cultural and economic difference. That is why she campaigned for the establishment of a Thuthuka First Year Committee to facilitate this transition through peer support.


The mission of this portfolio is to create a student-mentored space where each Thuthukan is linked to a peer mentor from within the society, to assist them throughout the year from welcoming week until year-end, and not just at the beginning of the year. Akhona Gqiyaza, Brent Pontac and Carmen Arendse availed themselves to support Shanice in this endeavour.

Three events were held for the first-years. First, they held a briefing on the history of Thuthuka, the programme, mission and intended outcomes. They shared the programme values and tried to encourage a sense of belonging and pride, so that first-years see their value as members of the Thuthuka community and do not merely blindly participate. Each first-year created a memory capsule, which they will refer to again in a few years' time.


Usually there is very little time to socialise because they focus on academics, so during second term they hosted a braai and games day to strengthen the first-years' membership and relationships through team-building. At this event, students had the opportunity to learn more about each other in a casual social setting.


The final event was a workshop facilitated by Ms Michilene Meyer, the project co-ordinator, who has professional training in psychology and social development. The focus of the workshop was identity and adjustment to life at SU. This workshop was invaluable and students requested that we continue with this initiative because it offered a safe space for them to share and critique the factors that were difficult to manage as they navigated university life at SU. ​



Welcoming week - January 2018

The first term began with a successful five-day welcoming programme for our new first-year students, where the students signed their bursary contracts, engaged in an afternoon filled with exciting activities, put their best foot forward in a Maties Dance workshop and received a breakdown of what they could expect this year. They wrote a new Thuthuka anthem that they sang proudly to the rest of the group at the first group meeting. We were very pleased to host the families of the new Thuthukans and showcase what the programme would offer this year.

This year we initiated a new portfolio, the First Year Committee, that was formerly introduced during welcoming week.

We sought to emphasise the importance of self-care and well-being, therefore we included a hike as one of our social team-building activities. The event offered a platform for the newcomers to bond and start building new relationships. ​

Meet the Thuthuka Society Executive for 2018

The leadership team of 2018 was elected at the annual Thuthuka Society elections in August 2017. Our proud new leaders were Tori Minnaar (Chair), Shanice Cyster (Vice Chair), Dhilshaad Adonis (Secretary), Curtley Olyn (Treasurer), Worren Figeland (Community Service Portfolio) and Raymond Mwebe (Social Portfolio). We thank Tori Minnaar and her team for their hard work and commitment during 2018.

Tori Minnaar said that the first term was a transition period between the incoming and outgoing members. It was a time where interaction between the two sets of leaders was encouraged, so that the incoming team could adjust quickly. They planned and led their first group meeting, which had an emphasis on being well balanced, and staying focused on retaining the bursary through consistent work and commitment to the programme.​

December 2017 Graduation

We proudly supported our B.Accounting and B. Accounting (Honours) graduates at their graduation on 6 December 2017. We are excited for the new journey that the honours graduates will start when they go to their work placements in January and we wish the B.Accounting graduates well as they embark on their honours year. Many of the third year students are not in these photos because they opted to graduate at the March 2018 ceremony.​




Die volgende bydrae is deur Thuthukans geskryf, soos hulle teruggekyk het na die aktiwiteite van die 10 jaar viering van Stellenbosch Thuthuka.

ʼn Warm Stellenbosch Thuthuka welkom

Die amptelike verwelkoming van ons eerstejaars het op 19 Januarie plaasgevind. Hierdie jaar het ʼn totaal van 35 studente by ons familie aangesluit! Ons was geëerd om Prof. Kobus Van Schalkwyk, die Adjunkdirekteur: Sosiale Impak & Transformasie by die Skool vir Rekeningkunde en verteenwoordigers van SAIGR, mnr. Christiaan Vorster en me. Betty Abrahams daar te hê.

Die week het baie lekker en informatiewe aktiwiteite, soos die “Amazing Race" in Stellenbosch, asook akademiese sessies waar studente Mazars geskenksakkies ontvang het en ook ʼn inligtingsessie, “University 101", om hulle te help om by hierdie nuwe omgewing inskakel en aan te pas, ingesluit.

Hulle het die danssessie wat deur Maties Dance Society aangebied is, waar hulle hul beste voetjies moes voorsit, vreeslik geniet. Ter viering van Stellenbosch Thuthuka se 10 jaar herdenking het studente met interessante oorlogskrete vorendag gekom. Ons bedank die Thuthuka senior studente en projekbestuurders vir die verwelkoming van ons nuwe familielede. ​





Die sosiale geleenthede (socials) skep die kans vir Thuthukans om te ontmoet en nuwe verbintenisse met mekaar te vorm, veral aangesien hulle min die geleentheid kry om met ander jaargroepe in verbintenis te tree.  Baie lewenslange vriendskappe en ondersteuningsnetwerke word hier gevorm.

 Ons het baie pret gehad by Pulp Cinema, met ons fliek-dag op die 17de Februarie. Dit was 'n ontspannende middag na die eerste paar weke van ernstige akademiese inspanning. Ons het geskaterlag vir die skertsery (stand-up) fliek, “What Now?" van Kevin Hart. ​

Studente Dans

Die studente het die 10 de herdenking van Stellenbosch Thuthuka met ʼn dans gevier. Ons het by hierdie geleentheid die nalatenskap van Thuthukans voor ons tyd, en ook die huidige studente, vereer. Hierdie geleentheid was baie betekenisvol, want dit was die eerste dans wat deur Thuthukans gehou is en was ʼn simbool van die tipe gemeenskap wat ons oor die jare geword het. Daar is so baie ondersteuning en ʼn gees van vriendskap en gemeenskap onder die studente, wat Stellenbosch Thuthuka vreeslik spesiaal maak.

Skenker firmas en SAIGR verteenwoordigers, van verskillende plekke in die land, het saam met ons hierdie geleentheid kom vier. Ons hoofrede is deur mnr. Sandile Philip, President van SAIGR Suidelike Streek, gelewer. Hy het sy reis om ʼn GR te word met ons gedeel en sy woorde van inspirasie en aanmoediging gegee. Studente kon werklik by hom aanklank vind omdat hy so baie van die ondervindings wat ons deurmaak ook deurgemaak het. Dit is vir ons ʼn aanmoediging in oomblikke wat ons moedeloos voel en in onsself twyfel om te sien dat suksesvolle mense ʼn soortgelyke stryd oorkom het.

Ons het ons akademiese toekenningseremonie gehou, wat daarop gemik was om die studente wat regdeur die jaar hard gewerk het te beloon en te erken. Die toekenningseremonie het ook sosiale toekennings ingesluit, wat die unieke en verskillende persoonlikhede van Thuthuka studente gevier het… en natuurlik het ons die aand met ʼn lekker dans afgesluit !

Die hele geleenthede was ʼn groot sukses en almal het die lekker kos en goeie geselskap terdeë geniet. ​


En die toekenning gaan aan...

In ʼn deurlopende poging om akademiese uitmuntendheid te bevorder, het Stellenbosch Thuthuka op 28 Februarie en 21 Julie 2017 hulle halfjaarlikse akademiese prysuitdeling gehou. Sedert die geleentheid se ontstaan in 2016, het Thuthukans die uitdaging aanvaar om beter resultate te behaal om ʼn plek onder die top presteerder te kry. Toekennings gaan aan Top Vyf, cum laude in professionele vakke, die RJR toekenning vir behaling van 60% in alle vakke en beste verbetering.

Ons was geërd om SAIGR se Nagraadse Plasing en Transformasie Beampte, me. Teboho Moephudi, by die eerste prysuitdeling te hê om sertifikate te oorhandig. In haar toespraak het sy Thuthukans aangemoedig om hulle professionele beeld reeds nou al te begin vorm en om te onthou dat elke besluit en aksie met integriteit uitgevoer moet word. Sy het ons ook gemotiveer om die SAIGR en Thuthuka vaandel hoog te waai. Me. Marion Veldtman van die Ouditeur-Generaal Suid-Afrika, het by die tweede prysuitdeling op 21 Julie die sertifikasie oorhandig.

ʼn Spesiale gelukwensing gaan uit aan Chad Adams, wie die meeste toekennings vir die aand gekry het en sy graad cum laude geslaag het. Verdere erkenning gaan uit na ons projekbestuurders, mr. Amber de Laan, wie sy Meesters is Rekeningkunde ontvang het en mev. Gail Fortuin, wie haar Meesters in Rekeningkunde cum laude ontvang het.

Die vrygewige hande van ons borge van SAIGR, Mazars en die Ouditeur-Generaal Suid-Afrika het tot die groot sukses van hierdie geleentheid bygedra. Ons waardeer hulle ondersteuning. ​


ʼn Thuthukan skryf:

On 31 March we visited the Jesse Keet Children's Home in Idas Valley, the Middelvlei Primary School and also prepared meal packs to deliver.

There are no words to describe the memorable day I had. A day filled with laughter, joy and to see those children's faces lit up as the Thuthuka students were playing games with them or just painting their faces were the greatest moments. The Thuthuka Students really did a great job, every one of them was eager to lend a helping hand where they can; they came there open-minded and willing to participate in any activities that were asked of them. I I can absolutely say that this event was a true success and I am sure that for the short while that we spent with those children we made a significant change in their lives and gave them memorable moments that they will cherish forever.

Thuthukans wat SUTBF met trots verteenwoordig

Adrian Samuels kry plasing van akademiese klerkskap

Ons is trots op Adrian Samuels, wie in 2016 met 'n HonsBRek-graad gegradeer het en hierdie jaar plasing vir ʼn akademiese klerkskap in die Skool vir Rekeningkunde gekry het. Hy word beskryf as ʼn ywerige werknemer, wat baie insit in terme van sy opleiding. Mnr. Amber De Laan was vroeër jare ʼn klerk by die Skool en is nou ʼn lektor by ons. Ons glo dat Adrian ook in die toekoms ʼn hoë presedent sal skep en ander Thuthukans sal aanmoedig om hierdie geleentheid te ondersoek.

FirstRand 4in1 winte​​rskool

Chad Adams (HonsBRek-student)

The FirstRand winter school experience is filled with both fun and hard work. The various group activities and tasks really challenges your ability to think and adapt in a pressurized work environment which provides great exposure and a taste of what it would be like to be a CA (SA) in the banking industry.

We also had time to listen and converse with quite a few of the executives as well as the current trainees within the group and it was really intriguing listening to their opinions on the current economic climate, innovation within banking and what banking may look like in the future.

I found the experience invaluable and would definitely encourage any student remotely interested in going the TOPP route to apply for this programme.

Lungelo Ngobese (BRek-derdejaarstudent )

The Capetonians arrived on Sunday and the five of us met up with some of the current trainees who gave us a run-down of their experiences and what to expect during TOPP articles in the brand.

The week officially started with an induction programme at FirstRand where we met some of the driving forces behind the group, the organisers of the programme and our team mates for the week. We then rotated around the head offices of each of the brands, starting with Rand Merchant Bank in Sandton, First National Bank in Bank City (Johannesburg), Wesbank in Randburg and back in Sandton for the closing. The week entailed lots of group activities such as the share game, developing a credit application for a merger and a case study. We gained a lot of insight from the interactions we had with the various CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, former trainees and our peers from other universities. ​

Besigheid Somerskool in Duitsland

Gavral Speelman

My name is Gavral Speelman and I am a BAccounting Honours student at Stellenbosch University and I am a bursary holder of Thuthuka Bursary Fund. On recommendation from my lecturer mentor, Professor Rudman, I applied at our International Office at Stellenbosch for a summer school programme. The University of Stellenbosch provides students with the opportunity to apply for summer and winter schools which are short term academic courses hosted by various universities during the summer or winter of the northern or southern hemisphere. These courses can range from 1 to 6 weeks and offer a great opportunity to experience tertiary education outside South Africa.

Fortunately I was successful in my application and I attended the Business Summer for BSc &MSc students: “Doing Business in Europe" from the 12 June to 30 June at the EBS Business school in Germany. The university is situated in a small vineyard town: Oestrich Winkel. The program includes students from various parts of the world such as China, UK, and Turkey. It was an amazing experience, everyone was friendly and I have made friends that I will treasure.

Our framework dealt with understanding the European Economy and looking at Germany's economy specifically. The programme is well-rounded as it supplements its course content with company visits. We went to the Audi car Manufacturer in Heidelberg and a day visit in Strasbourg which is situated in France to visit the European Parliament and Council of Europe.

The content of study I found to be particularly relevant and useful in some of my subjects at Stellenbosch University, including a variety of topics ranging from Economics of the European Integration and Automotive Marketing and Distribution Management. I started out with little knowledge and left with a good understanding how Germany economy remained stable. What I liked about the course is that the lectures required us to participate in class and analyse information critically which was a different type of classroom environment than I was used to. Fortunately the class work was manageable which allowed us to travel in our free time. I was able to travel to Cologne and Frankfurt.As a Thuthuka student we are encouraged to broaden our horizon and develop our outside class skills and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do so. This is a great opportunity if you are willing to place yourself outside of your comfort zone and fully engage with the lecturers. And take this as a learning experience where you can grow as a person. This is also the opportunity to form networks with people from all across the world.​

Minister van Sosiale Ontwikkeling prys ons Genootskap (Society)

As deel van die 10 jaar viering het die Skool vir Rekeningkunde op 12 Oktober 2017 ʼn skenker waardering ontbyt gehou. Die voorsitter van die Genootskap (Society) wie van 2015 tot 2017 leiding geneem het, asook die Voorsitter van 2018 het die eer gehad om die Minister van Sosiale Ontwikkeling in die Wes-Kaap, Minister Albert Fritz, te ontmoet.  Hy was baie entoesiasties en trots op die inisiatiewe en werk wat deur die genootskap gedoen word en die sosiale impak wat dit op gemeenskappe het. ​

April 2016


Op 7 April 2016 het Thutukane, Gavral Speelman en Steven- Lee Brown, ʼn werkswinkel met die titel Developing Leaders aan eerstejaars aangebied. Die doel van die werkswinkel was om eerstejaarstudente met die nodige hulpmiddels toe te rus om hulle in leiers te verander en om hulle bewus te maak van die waarde van die ontwikkeling van hulle vaardighede. Die wêreld verander voortdurend en dit is belangrik dat ons as studente proaktief te werk gaan en onself in staat stel om ons doelwitte te bereik en ons tyd te gebruik om vaardighede op te bou wat nuttig sal wees in ons beroepe.

Nicolette Jacobs was ons gasspreker. Sy is ʼn Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeester en het ook 'n Meesters in Besigheidsadministrasie. Sy is tans ʼn vennoot by PwC en is president van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut vir Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters (SAIGR), Suidelike Streek. Sy is self ʼn voorbeeld van voortdurende vooruitgang in haar veld en is altyd besig om nuwe grense vir haarself te stel om te verseker dat sy aanhou groei as ʼn persoon.

Studente wie aan die ekstra aktiwiteite, wat deur die Universiteit aangebied word, deelneem, maak hulself oop vir geleenthede waar hulle meer kan leer as wat der die klaskamerondervinding gebied word. Thuthuka Stellenbosch is trots op die feit dat ons goedafgeronde studente oplewer, aangesien ons verstaan hoe belangrik dit is om daardie vaardighede buite die klas te ontwikkel en ook ons studente as leiers te ontwikkel. Ons glo ook in ʼn model van portuur-mentorskap en kennisoordrag en dit is ook hoekom ons, as seniors, besluit het om hierdie werkswinkel aan te bied. 

Die Ark

Die derdejaars en honneurs "Thuthukane" het Die Ark besoek.  Die Ark is 'n Christelike organisasie wat toevlug vir hawelose mense en vir diegene wat deur die samelewing verdryf is bied.  Ons het eers 'n toer deur die instansie gedoen waar ons self die realiteit van armoede kon ervaar.  Baie van die inwoners het jare laas kontak met hul families gehad, en dit was vir ons ʼn plesier om vir een dag ons tyd en geselskap met hulle te deel. 

Daarna het die langverwagte Die Ark vs. Thuthuka "Dominoes" en "Checkers" toernooie begin.  Terwyl van ons gespeel het, het ander koeldrankies en lekkernye vir die spelers bedien.  Die dag is afgesluit met ʼn bedanking en gebed.


Diegene wat angstig was om die Ark te besoek het teruggekeer kampus toe met nuwe perspektief en begrip dat armoede nie net in handboeke as teorieë bestaan nie, maar dat dit baie mense se daaglikse realiteit is.  Ons het dit ter harte geneem toe een van die inwoners die volgende kort boodskap met ons gedeel het:

"Waar ons vandag is, is slegs deur God se genade, en jy moet beter doen." Ons sal natuurlik strewe om juis dit te doen!   ​





Op Vrydag 8 April, het ons ons jaarlikse gemeenskapsdiensdag gehad.  Met die oog daarop om ʼn verskil te maak, het ongeveer 120 studente doelgerig saam gewerk om ʼn sukses te maak van die dag.  Ons het hierdie jaar twee organisasies ondersteun.  Die eerste-en tweedejaarstudente het die Jessie Keet Kindersorg in Idasvallei besoek, waar hulle met die kleuters gespeel het.  Ons het ook 200 toebroodjies uitgedeel, wat ons voorberei het met geld wat ons ingesamel het.  Met die hulp van donasies van die hele voorgraadse klas kon die "Thuthukane" ʼn verskeidenheid van blikkieskos, pasta, bone, en stampmielies na afloop van die middag oorhandig. 

Mevrou Felicity Thomas, wie die donasies namens die Kindersorg ontvang het, kon nie haar dankbaarheid genoeg betuig nie.  Ons wil graag die voorgraadse BRek-studente bedank vir hulle bydrae en entoesiasme rakende die insameling van geblikte kos.  ʼn Spesiale dank aan die eerstejaar Finrek klas, wat by vere die meeste blikkies ingesamel het! 






Februarie 2016 Akademiese Prysuitdeling

Die groepleiers het ʼn fantastiese nuwe student-geleide inisiatief geïmplementeer om studente te motiveer om te presteer en hulle vir hierdie prestasies te beloon.  Dit poog om alle studente van die Thuthuka program te motiveer om voortdurend hard te werk, om diegene wat goeie punte behaal aan te moedig en om hoë akademiese standaarde te bereik.  

Die eerste prysuitdeling het op 1 Februarie 2016 plaasgevind.  Die pryse is deur mnr. Nthato Selebi, van SAICA, oorgehandig.  Hy was daardie dag ook die gasspreker by die groepsvergadering en dit het dus perfek uitgewerk dat hy toe ook die pryse kon uitdeel by ons eerste seremonie.  Die toekennings het die volgende kategorieë ingesluit: Top 5 per jaargroep, Beste Vordering, Die Cum Laude, Die Honneurs toekenning en die RJR toekenning wat na Prof. Riaan Rudman vernoem is.  Laasgenoemde is gebaseer op die feit dat Prof. Rudman "nog nooit ʼn vak gedruip het" nie, en dit het vir ons die motivering geskep om vir ons dieselfde mikpunt te stel.  Hierdie toekenning word aan studente gegee wat bo 60 persent behaal.  ​


Op die oggend van 20 Februarie 2016 het die Thuthuka studente na die Strand te vertrek vir die eerste sosiale geleentheid van die jaar.  Hierdie geleentheid is deel van die spanbou-doelwit van die program wat samewerking en portuur-ondersteuning fasiliteer.  Die jaargroepe kom selde bymekaar en dit was ʼn goeie geleentheid om die nuwe eerstejaars te ontmoet en met mekaar te gesels by ʼn prettige geleentheid.  

Ons het sommer dadelik met "touchies", sokker en vlugbal wedstryde begin.  Daar is talle strawwe wedstryde gespeel (alles in goeie gees natuurlik).

Baie van die studente het tussen die wedstryde in die water gaan afkoel.  Die water was perfek, ten spyte van die feit dat dit effens bewolk was.  Daar was ook geleentheid vir diegene wat verkies het om nie te swem nie, om op die strand te lê en die sonstrale in te neem.

Oor die algemeen was die dag ʼn groot sukses en almal wat teenwoordig was, het dit terdeë geniet.   Ons hoop om weer so te maak in die somer van 2017!


Besoek van Sizwe Nxasana en SAICA

Die Hoof van NSFAS, mnr. Sizwe Nxasana, het op 16 Februarie ʼn besoek aan Stellenbosch Thuthuka afgelê. Hy is deur me.  Chantyl Mulder van SAICA vergesel.  Sy boodskap was insiggewend en bemoedigend.  Die "Thutukane" het tersaaklike vrae gevra en kommentaar gelewer en mnr. Nxasana kon leiding en inligting verskaf, gebaseer op sy eie persoonlike ervaring in hoë vlak leierskapsposisie en sodoende die "Thutukane" se kennis en perspektief verryk. 


Januarie 2016- Verwelkomingsweek

Ons jaarlikse oriëntasieprogram vir die inkomende eerstejaars het vanaf 20 tot 27 Januarie plaasgevind.  Ons verstaan dat dit vir studente ʼn groot sprong is van hoërskool na Universiteit. 
Om dié rede probeer ons om die oorgang tussen die twee te vergemaklik.  Die woord "Thuthuka" beteken 'om te ontwikkel' en dit is ons wens dat elke inkomende eerstejaarstudent in ʼn afgeronde geoktieerde rekenmeester ontwikkel.  Die doel van die program was om vir die nuwelinge ʼn kort inleiding tot die Stellenbosch Thuthuka Beursprogram, die Universiteit en die professie te gee.

Tydens die akademiese voorbereidingsessies het die eerstejaars praktiese raad gekry oor hoe om hul eerste jaar aan te pak.  Ons het verseker dat hulle genoeg blootstelling kry aan al die middele wat beskikbaar is om hul met studies te help. Aangesien ervaring die beste leermeester is, het die senior studente hul ervaring gedeel oor hoe om hul studies te balanseer.  Die program voorsien ook ʼn spesiale ondersteuningsisteem waar elke student ingedeel word by sy/haar dosente mentor wat hulle sal monitor totdat hulle hul GR(SA) mikpunt behaal. 

Dit is uiters belangrik dat elke Thuthuka student aan hul kommunikasievaardighede werk. 
Die wegspringblok vir hierdie vaardigheid is om mekaar as Thuthuka lede beter te leer ken en om verhoudinge met mekaar te bou, veral in spanverband.  Hierdie vaardigheid is belangrik, aangesien dit van ʼn geoktieerde rekenmeester verwag word om in sy/haar dag tot dag take met kliënte te skakel en te kommunikeer.​

SAIGR se HUB​ se toespraak by die Thuthuka Groepsvergadering

Mnr. Terence Nombembe, uitvoerende hoof van SAIGR en voormalige ouditeur-generaal van Suid-Afrika, was ons spesiale gasspreker by Stellenbosch Thuthuka se groepvergadering op 17 September 2015.  Hy het die aandag van die Thuthuka studente op hom gevestig gehou met sy motiverende en inspirerende toespraak.  Die studente het met trots besef watter belangrike rol hulle as voornemende GR(SA)'s kon vervul.  Studente het aan die einde van mnr. Nombembe se toespraak die geleentheid gekry om hul gewaardeerde menings te lug rakende idees om die professie te ontwikkel en uit te brei.  ​

Thuthuka Vereeniging neem afskeid van 2015 se groepleiers​

Tydens die vergadering wat op die 17de September gehou is, is daar ook ʼn geleentheid geskep om afskeid te neem van 2015 se groepleiers, en die groepleiers van 2016 te verwelkom.  Ons het afskeid geneem van Matthew Williams (Voorsitter), Leighton Meyer (Onder-voorsitter), Gavral Speelman (Sekretaris), Timwen Hendricks (Tesourier), Kristen Brown en Danielle Swartz.  Onder dié studente se leiding, is daar tydens die gemeenskapsprojek by Laerskool Rietenbosch ʼn pretdag vir die leerlinge gereël.  Die 2015 groep leiers was ook verantwoordelik vir die reël van spanbou – en sosiale aktiwiteite.  'Business Games' en die Materchef Thuthuka Potjiekos kompetisie was die ideale geleenthede om die Thuthuka studente aan te moedig om mekaar beter te leer ken, bande te versterk, en om hulle sosiale netwerke uit te brei.​

​2015 Groepleiers: Gavral Speelman, Danielle Swartz, Kristen Brown,Leighton Meyer, Timwen Hendricks en Matthew Williams​

Gavral Speelman (Voorsitter), Orlando Van Schalkwyk (Ondervoosrsitter), Lungelo Tshabalala (Sekretaris), Steven-Lee Brown (Tesourier) en Lucien Forbes is tydens ʼn verkiesing op die 20ste Augustus verkies. Ons wens hulle voorspoed met hul beplanning en aktiwiteite vir die komende jaar. ​

​Ons nuwe Groepleiers vir 2016


Donasie week​

Die Stellenbosch Thuthuka Beursfonds is baie passievol oor hulle gemeenskap, en wil op ʼn positiewe en aktiewe manier daarin terugploeg deur middel van gemeenskapsdiens. Hierdie jaar het die Thuthuka vereniging ʼn nuwe inisiatief begin in die vorm van ʼn donasie week.  Dit behels dat studente elke kwartaal klere en nie-bederfbare kos skenk aan ʼn verskeidenheid van organisasies.

Die beursfonds het in September 2015 aan Norsa Gemeenskapsentrum (wat in Wellington geleë is) ʼn bydrae geskenk.  Norsa se hoofdoel is om die kinders van die Wellington gemeenskap aan te moedig om hulle volle potensiaal te bereik.

Norsa fasiliteer onder andere pleegsorg programme, familie-aannemings, en hulle bied berading aan vroue en families in krisis.  Een van Norsa se verantwoordelikhede sluit ook in dat hulle pasgebore babas inneem en versorg.  'n Derdejaar student aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, Charlene Steyn, het met die vroue by die sentrum gesels, en het agtergekom dat daar 'n groot behoefte is aan basiese noodsaaklikhede vir die babas.  Dit sluit onder andere babaklere, speelgoed, baba formule en toiletware in.  Die studente van die Stellenbosch Thuthaka groep het juis op hierdie behoeftes gefokus toe hulle die bydrae tot Norsa gemaak het.

Dit is vir die Thuthuka vereniging baie belangrik om terug te gee aan die gemeenskap.  Alhoewel die bydrae klein was, was dit vir ons lekker om die geleentheid te gebruik om die kindertjies se lewens op ʼn positiewe manier te beïnvloed.  Ons wil baie graag met hierdie inisiatief (en ander soortgelyke inisiatiewe) volhou in die toekoms.

Detail rakende die werk wat Norsa doen, is beskikbaar indien u die volgende skakel volg:


Master Chef Thuthuka

Die Thuthuka beursfonds is landswyd bekend in alle Suid-Afrikaanse universiteite. Stellenbosch Thuthuka is uniek daarin dat ons die enigste Thuthuka program is wat 'n vereniging struktuur geskep het vir die lede van die beursfonds. Die vereniging is verantwoordelik vir die reël van verskeie aktiwiteite ten bate van die studente, insluitende gemeenskapdiens en sosiale aktiwiteite.

Die vereniging het op 31 Julie 2015 ons eerste Master Chef Thuthuka kompetisie aangebied, waar die studente die geleentheid gekry het om met hul kookvaardighede te spog. Thuthuka studente is in spanne verdeel en moes koppe bymekaarsit om met die lekkerste hoenderpotjie vorendag te kom. Die kompetisie het leierskap, inisiatief en kreatiwiteit vereis. 

Die Thuthuka Honneursstudente is gevra om die beoordelaars vir die kompetisie te wees. Dit was ʼn moeilike taak om ʼn gunsteling dis te kies, want die Thuthukans het gewys dat hulle nie net slimkoppe is nie., maar ook goeie kokke. Die romerige pasta-potjie het die prys gevat as die beste potjie van die dag. Daar was ook ander pryse vir spanne met die netjieste werkstasie en vir die potjie wat die beoordelaars die minste geniet het.

Die Master Chef Thuthuka kompetisie was ʼn reuse sukses. Dit was goed om te sien dat die studente entoesiasties was oor die dag en dat elkeen spanwerk en toewyding getoon het – of dit nou was of te keer dat die vuur uitbrand of dat die uie brand. Die middag was gevul met kuier, pret en speletjies. Die Stellenbosch Thuthuka vereniging glo dat ʼn gebalanseerde leefwyse ʼn belangrike faktor is wat bydra tot die sukses van elke individu. Ons doelwit vir die dag was om te sien dat die studente met mekaar kommunikeer, mekaar beter leer ken en netwerke met mekaar opbou wat hulle in die toekoms sal help.​



Op 17 April 2015 het die Thuthuka studente van Stellenbosch hul jaarlike gemeenskapsdiens gedoen. Die projek was ʼn pret dag met kinders in graad 2 en 3 te Rietenbosch Primêre Skool in Stellenbosch in samewerking met die MGD. Daar was ongeveer +/- 200 skoliere en +/- 100 Thuthuka studente. Daar was fisiese aktiwiteite, opvoedkundige aktiwiteite en ook ʼn inspirasie stasie.

Daar was 8 stasies wat bestaan het uit ʼn springkasteel, ʼn gladde glyplank, gesigsverf, verskeie sport speletjies en twee opvoedkundige speletjies. Die opvoedkundige speletjies het bestaan uit ʼn spoed wiskunde speletjie met flitskaarte en ʼn opvoedkundige motiverende speletjie. Die speletjie was ontwerp om die skoliere te motiveer met ʼn boodskap dat hulle moet nooit tou op gooi nie en dat hulle enigiets kan bekom, hulle moet net hard werk. Aan die einde van al die aktiwiteite het elke kind ʼn kospakkie ontvang wat ʼn pakkie skyfies en koeldrank insluit om hul honger magies te vul.

Die doel van die projek was om In bietjie pret met minderbevoorregte studente te hê en hulle te motiveer sowel as om ʼn grondslag te skep vir toekomstige gemeenskapsdiens en daarop te bou en te verbeter. Die Thuthuka studente het dus ʼn volhoubare platform geskep vir toekomstige leiers. Die sukses van die projek kom nie net van die Thuthuka groep nie, maar ook as gevolg van die samewerking met MGD. Met die hulp van MGD kon die Thuthuka groep toegang verkry tot hulpbronne, ondersteuning en vaardigheid wat gehelp om seker te maak dat die funksie ʼn sukses was en enige krisis kon hanteer.

Die projek was ʼn geweldige sukses. Die kinders van Rietenbosch Primêr het die baie geniet. Die glimlagte op hulle gesigte en hul vreugde het die projek die moeite werd gemaak. Ons hoop dat dag met hulle ook in die toekoms sal bly. Die groepleiers en die Thuthuka bestuurspan wil graag hulle dank uitspreek aan alle Thuthuka studente vir die hulp en die ondersteuning om hierdie dag ʼn werklikheid te maak. ʼn Spesiale dank word ook gespreek aan "C3 Catering Service" vir die voorsiening van die voedsel. Die projek was hopelik die grondslag wat ons benodig om beter en sterker gemeenskapsfunksies te bou.


Thuthuka Sosiale-geleentheid ​- 24 April 2015


Na ʼn lang gesukkel om die sosiale aktiwiteit vir die kwartaal vas te stel, het die groepleiers van die Thuthuka-beursfonds besluit op ʼn vermaaklike speletjiesdag met die res van die Thuthuka- span. Aangesien dit tot die beste belang van die studente sal wees om hulle intellektueel gesimuleerd te hou vir die komende langnaweek, het die groepleiers besluit op die bordspel genaam 'The Business Game', wat deur SAIGR begin is, vir die Vrydagmiddag van 24 April.
Die speletjie is soortgelyk aan die welbekende 'Monopoly' speletjie, met ongeveer dieselfde reëls. Die meerderheid van die studente was dus welbekend met die speletjie. Die speletjie was egter ʼn groot uitdaging aangesien dit van die studente vereis het om rekeningkundige vaardighede te gebruik om eiendom aan te koop, sowel as om hulle finansies doeltreffend te bestuur.

Ons het die dag begin deur almal te verwelkom by hul heel eerste sosiale funksie vir die jaar. Daarna het mev. Smit ʼn ysbreker gebruik om die studente in groepe te verdeel. Die studente was gevra om ʼn naam te kry vir hul groep en dit het gelei tot allerhande interessante name soos "The White Collars, Black Friday, IAS 7" en nog baie ander kreatiewe idees wat verband hou met rekeningkunde. Nadat die studente in groepe verdeel is, is hulle gevra om in pare binne die groep te verdeel. Elke paar was na ʼn aparte besigheidspeletjie gestuur waar hulle dan hul groep sou verteenwoordig. Die speletjie het van hulle vereis om te betrokke te raak in ekonomiese aktiwiteite soos die aankoop van aandele, die verkoop van klaarprodukte, verkryging van lenings en die betaling daarvan en nog vele meer. Daar was van die studente vereis om nie net op hulle voete te dink nie, maar ook om saam te werk in ʼn span ten einde ingeligte finansiële besluite te neem.

Die Thuthuka-studente het die speletjie terdeë geniet tot die mate dat meestal nie wou op hou speel nie. Nadat die speletjie ʼn einde bereik het, het elke span weer bymekaar gekom om hulle werklike kontant te tel. Die groepleiers het dit beoordeel en die wenner bevestig. Daarna was die studente met heerlike pizza en koeldrank bedien. Die dag was egter nog nie verby nie en die studente moes aan nog ʼn aktiwiteit deelneem waar ʼn gasspreker spanbou-aktiwiteite met die hele Thuthuka-groep gedoen het. Dit het behels dat die studente interaksie met mekaar moes hê en leer om as ʼn eenheid saam te werk. Die terugvoer van die studente was goed en hulle het aangedui dat hulle die besigheidspeletjie baie geniet het, aangesien dit baie relevant was met die rekeningkunde en baie meer interessant as die oorspronklike "Monopoly" speletjie was. Ons sien baie uit om hierdie speletjie weer te speel en om dit te gebruik om te leer uit enige foute wat ons by die sosiale funksie gemaak het.

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