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MPhil Clinical Neuropsychiatry 


Programme overview        

The degree is aimed at psychiatrists and neurologists who wish to increase their proficiency in the diagnosis and management of common neuropsychiatric disorders. The course will equip the candidate with the skills and practical knowledge to utilize specialized neuropsychiatric investigations, to provide secondary and tertiary level consultations to general physicians, psychiatrists and neurologists, and to be involved in teaching and research in relation to these disorders. The course content includes clinical neuropsychiatry, applied neurology, clinical neuroimaging, HIV psychiatry, old age psychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine.


Admission requirements

To be admitted to the programme, students shall hold the following qualifications:

  • Master of Medicine in Psychiatry/Neurology; or
  • fellowship of the South African College of Psychiatrists/Neurologists; or
  • equivalent qualification approved by Senate for this purpose


  • Registration as medical practitioner in the category independent practice/specialist psychiatrist /specialist neurologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


Modules and credit values

First year

  • Ethics 871 (5)
  • Research Methodology 871 (5)
  • Neuropsychopharmacology 871 (5)
  • Applied Psychiatry of the Elderly 871 (10)
  • Applied Neurology 871 (10)
  • Applied Psychosomatic Medicine 871 (10)
  • Applied HIV and Medicine 871 (10)


Second year

  • Clinical Neuropsychiatry 871 (55)
  • Neuropsychological and Specialized Assessments 871 (5)
  • Clinical Imaging 871 (5)
  • Research Assignment 871 (60) *

 *The research project is completed over the course of the two years.



Programme coordinator: Dr L Asmal

Tel.: (021) 938 9623    E-mail: laila@sun.ac.za