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MPhil Addiction Psychiatry

Programme overview        

Many psychiatric patients will have co-occurring substance disorders. It is therefore likely that you and your patients will benefit from acquiring and refining your knowledge, skills, and confidence in this area. The MPhil in Addiction Psychiatry is a 2-year full time (4 year part-time), training program for psychiatrists interested in obtaining practical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders. The curriculum provides trainees with an in depth understanding of the neurobiology of addiction as well as advanced training in comprehensive addictions treatment including screening, diagnosis, psychosocial therapies, pharmacotherapies and service management in awareness of ethical issues involved in addiction. Candidates will also be expected to do a research project relevant to the field of addictions.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the programme, students shall hold the following qualifications:

  • Master of Medicine in Psychiatry/Neurology; or
  • Fellowship of the South African College of Psychiatrists/Neurologists or equivalent qualification approved by Senate for this purpose;


  • Registration as medical practitioner in the category independent practice/specialist psychiatrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Modules and credit values

First year

  • Ethics of Addiction 871 (5)
  • Assessment of Substance Misuse 871 (10)
  • Clinical Addiction Psychiatry 871 (70)
  • Neurobiology of Chemical Addiction 871 (5)

Second year

  • Service Management 871 (5)
  • Pharmacology of Chemical Dependence 871 (5)
  • Research Methodology 871 (5)
  • Public Health Approach to Addiction 871 (5)
  • Psychosocial Interventions 871 (10)
  • Research Assignment 871 (60) *
    *The research assignment is completed over the course of the two years.


Programme coordinator: Dr L Weich

Tel.: (021) 940 4453    E-mail: lizew@sun.ac.za