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MPhil Neuropsychiatry - Psychosomatic Medicine


Programme overview

In the modern dynamic health care, the Psychosomatic Medicine (Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry) specialist plays an important role at the interface of medicine and psychiatry. The effective specialist must be able to make skilful contribution as part of the team providing care in emotionally challenging contexts to patients with comorbid psychiatric illness or neuropsychiatric presentations of medical illness.


The goal of our program is to equip trainees with advanced skills to evaluate and treat psychiatric disorders in complex medically ill patients and to effectively liaise and collaborate with physicians and allied health colleagues from a wide range of primary care and specialty settings. The program offers a broad training experience in a number of specialty areas while maintaining a strong focus in hospital consultation. It also provides opportunities to learn skills in research, education and administration in a stimulating academic environment and prepares candidates for the anticipated CMSA certificate exam in Psychosomatic Medicine. Modules are presented within the framework of a student-centred approach with the purpose of stimulating critical thinking. The programme uses didactical methods, interactive learning, group sessions and supervised clinical work and research project.


Admission requirements

To be admitted to the programme, students shall hold the following qualifications:

  • Master of Medicine in Psychiatry/Neurology; or
  • Fellowship of the South African College of Psychiatrists/Neurologists or equivalent qualification approved by Senate for this purpose;


  • Registration as medical practitioner in the category independent practice/specialist psychiatrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa


Modules and credit values

First year

  • Ethics 871(5)
  • Research Methodology 871(5)
  • Neuropsychopharmacology 871(5)
  • Applied Psychiatry of the Elderly 871(10)
  • Applied Neurology 871(10)
  • Applied Neuropsychiatry 871(10)
  • Applied HIV and Medicine 871(10)

Second year

  • Psychosomatic Medicine 871 (55)
  • Neuropsychological and Specialized Assessments 871 (5)
  • Clinical Imaging 871 (5)
  • Research Assignment 871 (60) *

 *The research project is completed over the course of the two years.



Programme coordinator​: Dr Kerry-Anne Louw​

Tel.: +27 21 938 9765

E-mail: kerrylouw@sun.ac.za